Celebrating Yoga Month with a Whole Food Challenge

I’m not a great eater. 

ADHD meds are a known appetite suppressant but once they wear off the body demands immediate satisfaction. Obviously, if I don’t make intentional eating a priority during the day, bad choices will be made at night. I’m a great lover of super-paletteables chock full of salt, sugar and preservatives, which are just about the worst thing you can have right before bed!

I’ve also been really wrapped in school, MBSR training and finishing my yoga certification. So if I get too busy or distracted to eat during the day I become ravenous at night. I make bad food choices, and justify it with the fact that I haven’t even anything all day so it’s not doing too much damage right? Wrong

So to celebrate yoga month I decided to challenge myself to a week of eating a whole food diet. These are the articles that got me thinking… 



I’m headed to Sprouts to fill my fridge & cupboard with healthy things. I’ll post each day with a snap of a healthy snack or meal so follow me on Twitter and Instagram @missymrsmom & feel free to join me this week!

I’d love to hear some simple recipes and whole food ideas, so please leave a comment… Wish me luck- Missy


Bye-Bye Summer Bloat!

Do you get all bloated from all that easy, yummy convenience foods we snack on during lazy summer days? I do! My Detox Tea go to fix was so popular I thought I’d share!

I think I got the idea from a Jillian Micheals pin a couple years ago.  This totally helps with water retention!

It’s just a gallon jug full of; distilled water, 100% cranberry juice, a couple squeezes of lemon and three bags of dandelion root tea. Drink half gallon in the morning before 12. If you drink it later that you’ll be up all night. Keep drinking your regular water also; this tea is a flush and thus dehydrating. 

Also, if you have any health conditions double check that dandelion root tea is appropriate for you!

Do you have a good water weight flush? Let me know if you like this one in the comments or on Twitter @missymrsmom

Enjoy the last bit of summer- Missy 

Dude- Pokèmon Go. 

Am I right? 

I totally I called it… Pokèmon summer. I had no idea. 
I’m not afraid to say I like trendy things. I love to be doing the new fun thing! A lot of my friends are this way too, so when they started talking about Pokémon Go and catching Pokèmon at the Walmart YEAH I was curious.

I was super excited to get it for LT until I saw the crazy train permission requests. Like, my Windows 10 gave me less  trouble. Well, almost. After only a little research  I started seeing some serious technical and physical safety concerns and I had to lay the fatwa on P-Go.

Now my husband, who used to play ingress, actually downloaded the Pokémon go app without me knowing. I’m over here researching the cumulative safety concerns… He’s catching Pikachu and leveling up. He thought it was a good family-time app, and I saw his point! After several days of discussion about the best ways to protect LT’s safety I conceded defeat.

My Recommendations:

  • Use the Pokèmon Trainer Club login option
  • Play on an old iPhone with limited content (we were lucky enough to have an old one)
  • Share data and WATCH IT
  • Create a gmail for P-Go usage
  • Set the ground rules pre-download. (I admit. Time limits have been hard to stick with because it is so FUN.)

I’d be a terrible Pokèmon Trainer, but look how happy they are. 

So yes, I caved. I choose to look at it this why: I got new information and it changed my mind. That’s a good lesson… I think. 

Are you and your kids playing? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @missymrsmom

Gotta go… Gotta catch em all 😉 Missy

I Can SO Make Fizzy Surprise Eggs

We went to the zoo yesterday & LT wanted a “Fizzy Surprise Egg”, which is actually pretty cool but… $5?! I’ve got the supplies to make that at home… Right now!

I told LT I could make those at home. He straight up told me I could NOT make those at home. 

Challenge accepted, kid. 

I was barely in the car before I found this this recipe from”Soapy Hollow” on Instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Bath-Bombs/step4/Mold-quickly/

However, after doing a some research I noticed bath salts and cornstarch can be irritating to sensitive skin and LT has really sensitive skin so I decided to use this old hand-written recipe (that’s how we did it before Pinterest) I found in my bath crafting tote. 

Ingredients I used:

3/4 cup Baking Soda 

1/4 Citric Acid

1 teaspoon Sweet Almond Oil

1/2 teaspoon Water

1-2 drops Food coloring (Heads up: a little goes a long way & I didn’t want blue tub rings!) 

A small spritzer of witch hazel

3 small toys that will easily fit in the middle of your eggs. 

(This made 3 large eggs)

Mix dry ingredients well. No clumps, nice and smooth. Be sure to sift them, or if you don’t have a sifter, tap your mixing container several time to settle the ingredients. 

Shake up the SWO, food coloring and water in a jar to mix. Add while stirring. You should use a whisk but mine is in the bathtub so a fork had to do. It should be like damp sand or brown sugar. If it’s too dry or crumbly, spritz it a few times with the witch hazel. 

Mold it quickly; it dries fast! I used big Easter eggs because that’s what I had. 

Fill up the bottom part of the egg making sure to pack the mixture. Push the small toy into the middle (not all the way, it will stick out) then fill up the top part of the egg, being sure to smooth it and pack it in, leaving a small indentation for the toy. Combine the pieces and tap it down to pack it well. 

Let them sit for at least an hour. I froze them because I was in a hurry,  and I think that’s one why one didn’t fully adhere and came out and broke in half. I just sprayed each part with witch hazel and tapped it down to pack it and it came out very nice!

LT is thrilled! He had a blast helping and especially testing them! I’ll post a video of it on my YouTube channel. 

I think they’re pretty great, the only thing I’ll try next time is spritzing the inside of the egg first (they are a little tricky to pop out) and both pieces before I connect them. 

What do you think? I really want to know! Let me know in the comments or say hi on Twitter @missymrsmom

See you soon- Missy

Tsum Tsum Tuesday FOREVER

It all started in Las Vegas. A cute little “BunBun” caught LT’s eye. Sure, we’d seen Tsum Tsum before but suddenly- LOVE. He won just ONE…

Which quickly turned to eight

Which became twelve. 
Then LT’s birthday party happened.
Sweet baby Jane, we gotta lotta cute around here. 

Of course, I know it’s impulsive ADHD-driven behavior. However, when one has very generous friends and a kid that sometimes has trouble differentiating between a new interest and a total world-altering, life-defining obsession… There is going to be an issue.A cuteness issue. You know you want some…

It’s certainly no secret that the acquiring of ALL THE TSUM TSUM is the goal. Pinterest introduced me to an TsumTsum Instagram trend that took up the majority of my Monday night. Add that Tsum Tsum Tuesday AND THE APP… 

I’m ALL IN. Somebody stop me? 
Nah… Follow the cuteness on Instagram @missymrsmom instead! See you soon, cutie!

DIY Funko Fun!

My first-grader, LT, is a humongous Captain America fan and I’m a nut for anything Marvel and/or kid-can-do… So this was an absolute no brainer for us!

I got this awesome product (see link) from Amazon this week and we had blast with it. 


It wasn’t a simple project. The modeling compound is tricky; it was very light and dried out quickly. It is also very squishy so it was tough for LT’s little hands to manipulate. When we do Cap, we’ll do a trial run with Dollar Tree modeling clay. Also, the instructions we’re slightly more specific than ideal for a true Kid-Can-Do, but we “eye-balled it” and it turned out pretty darn cute!

This has given me the idea to make a whole DIY Funko Avengers Team. I love this stuff!

Check out my Pinterest boards (MissyMrsMom) for more fun kid crafts! If you’d like to follow me on Twitter @missymrsmom, I sure would be glad to have you. 

Thanks for visiting 💞 Missy 

Impulsive Fixation & Our ADHD Family 

Hyper focus is a debatable characteristic of ADD/ADHD… if you ask the experts. If you ask me (and my kids) you will get no debate; it exists and it will jack you up if not deliberately managed. 

The first step to controlling the characteristic is to identify it. I didn’t really recognize it in my own personality until I started noticing it in my youngest son. His impulsive nature leads him to leap from an interest  in a certain subject, fandom, toy line etc., to a total all-encompassing infatuation in no time flat. 

In the past 3 years or so, LT has cycled through a passionate and total absorption in The Wiggles, Octonauts, Max & Ruby, Superman, Trains, Ninja Turtles, Hot  Wheels,  Power Rangers, Baseball Cards, Captain America, Iron Man and Pokèmon… And with each newfound interest he becomes overwhelmed with the “desire to acquire” (as I call it). He becomes completely captured by the intense fascination and has an unbelievably difficult time transitioning to the things that need to be done. Like schoolwork. And chores. And eating. 

It’s my job to guide my ADHD children on how to manage the different aspects of their lives, and I must be especially careful to address their focus issues. It’s heart-breaking to have to tell them that they are different, and the only balm I have is to give is a positive spin gleaned for decades of self-examination. 

Hyper focus has some useful applications in real life. Recognizing the trait can be a wonderful discovery; it speaks to an ability that we may not have known was even possible! It can allow people that struggle to regulate attention span to balance interests and necessities by giving a brief but intense capacity to accomplish tasks. If we give ourselves permission to immerse ourselves in the joy of our latest obsession after we accomplish our set tasks and chores we are training ourselves to employ a more “normal” time-management style. 

So, I manage LT’s time for him. As he’s just six, I think it’s okay but I believe it’s crucial that I explain everything we do.  I want him to eventually manage himself, so I keep my instruction brief, repetitive and use short phrases like:

*Lets spend five focused minutes on cleaning so we can spend ten fun minutes on Legos!

*If we focus on this homework, we can knock it out and have time for two “Phineas and Ferb”s!

I used to worry that I was making daily tasks too much of a negative but then I decided that they are called chores for a reason. So, we treat them as such by getting them out of the way and moving on to our most recent, and probably fleeting interest. 

Just a soon as I’m done with this blogpost… Does anyone want to play Pokèmon?

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Organize Your Summer Schedules

We are lucky to live in an area with a lot of stuff to do, but keeping track of it can be a bit tricky! A couple of VBS programs, three city libraries, summer movie fun, the Lego store, etc. etc. Even the mall has a summer program! Everywhere we go there’s a schedule to pick up. 

Last year I had a folder in my car that I kept all of the schedules in, but I never did put them in the three ring binder; I just shoved them in the sides, lol. It was okay at first but got progressively worse and not very helpful in the end.

I’m getting ahead of it this summer!

You need: A two pocket folder with three ring fasteners, heavy duty clear plastic sleeves (optional: sharpie and packaging tape). 

It’s so easy: I put in about a dozen clear plastic sleeves then used a piece of clear packaging tape* on the front (with one side folded over to make it easier to take off when I’m done and reuse) and using a sharpie I wrote “Summer Schedule 2o16”. *Since I use my car as a command center in the summer, I use packaging tape on my folders because the tape won’t melt onto the folder because it’s meant to take high temperatures.

It turned out pretty great and I’m looking forward to filling it up with summer fun!

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These 2 Oils Will Save Your Summer 

From sunburn damage, that is!

We are good moms. We put on all the body-part specific sunscreen in all the right places. We (try) to avoid the spray stuff. We make our over-excited sweethearts wait 15-20 minutes for it to absorb and yet… SUNBURNS STILL HAPPEN. 

I’m sorry that I don’t have any magic in new ways to prevent sunburn besides the ones we all know, but I recently came across an amazing use for coconut oil and vitamin E oil to prevent the drying, blistering, peeling post-burn nightmare. 

When our skin gets burnt in the sun, it’s because all of our skin oils have been literally burned away. This method reintroduces oil so that your skin will not dry out as much which *can* prevent the blistering and peeling.

Here’s my method:

First: Place a cool washcloth on the burn. This will help get rid of some of the dirt, grime, extra sunscreen, chlorine etc. Don’t rub

Second;:   As my youngest says; It’s time to butter up!  I mix a scoop of coconut oil (1/2 cup) and a squirt of vitamin E oil (1 teaspoon) in a plastic, resealable container. Make sure the lid is on and shake it up. Not only does the vitamin E oil replenishing the burnt skin but it has a faint, pleasant lemon scent that masks the sometimes strong coconut smell. Make sure you have clean hands and spread it all over the burn. 

Third: Advil and HYDRATE. You must replenish the dehydrated body! Watermelon, cucumbers & strawberries are awesome hydrating foods. No wonder they are summertime staples!

Tip: Chill the oil mixture in the fridge. It melts very quickly but if you act fast you can get an added cooling effect. 

Tip: I really like to keep the sunburn sufferer oiled up as long and as much as possible. If they are planning on lounging around somewhere, put a puppy training pads under the spot where there oiled up. I get them at the dollar store 10 for a $1. Save your beds, your couch, your carpet!

I’m not a dermatologist, heck I’m not  even a doctor. I’m just a mom with very fair-skinned kids and I’m extremely fair-skinned myself. (Frankly, I forget to put sunscreen on myself half the time and end up using this on my own burn!)
*But seriously: If for ANY reason you believe a burn needs medical attention, go get medical attention. 


Good luck, and may your summer be sunburn free!

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TeamIronMan or TeamCap… Are You Kidding Me?

Stark is an over-compensating genius. He’s never hidden his super abilities because he’s proud of the intelligence behind them. He comes from a long line of problem solvers and he tends towards idyllic endgame. He firmly believes he’s the smartest guy in the room and thinks he’s thought of all the angles (darn good thing) because what if no one else CAN. To be on the safe side, he surrounds himself with the best representatives of honor, justice and humility that he can find. So; He fears nothing. Do you blame him?
Rogers is the ultimate team player. Truth, justice and the American way. He knows what it’s like to be a weak body with a strong mind. He understands deprivation for the greater good. He’s experienced “lost and found” love and friendship… Repeatedly. Lost love, lost friendship. Over and over. He lost his best girl; to circumstances, to decades, to dementia. When he gets the chance to recover his friendship, on equal footing, everything changes. Do you blame him?
Forgive me if I can’t choose…


Or #TeamCap

We believe in the story… And we will be here until the very end (credits).