Love Songs & Sweethearts

When I used to think of love songs I had flash backs to 90’s high school dances The big angsty songs by Depeche Mode, The Cure and (no kidding) Bryan Adams were our slowdance anthems.

(Insert awkward picture with big bangs, plaid clothes & tall, skinny kids)

Then, as I got older, a lot of the love songs were throwbacks to the pop-rock classics. Our wedding CD, arranged by the groom, was half old-fashioned torch songs from the 70s and half early 2000’s club music. Our wedding song was “Lady”… Our dance songs were “In da Club” & “Hey Ya”. Don’t judge… The DJ liked it so much he stole the CD & used it for the rest of the cruise!
Yet now when I hear certain songs, my precious baby angels are the only thing I think of;
“Hello” from Adele- It reminds me my first year College Kid, who doesn’t think of me much… And that’s exactly how it should be right now,
“Photograph” by Ed Sheeran evokes tender memories of my Sassy who is anguishing her way through her last few teenager years, 

(Cutest baby girl ever)

And “Flashlight” brings to mind my sweet and sensitive first-grader that struggles everyday but keeps going, and he keeps me going, even on days that just seem to have more trouble than triumph. 

So, am I alone in this? Do you think of your kids or your hubs when the emotional tunes come on the airwaves?