Mermaid University & Swashbucklers Acadamy at the Scottsdale Princess

My bestie is a huge proponent of staying in-state for vacations. She loves to take a few over the course of the summer! We got a killer deal on one of those group coupon sites for the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, so we decided to give stay-cations a try… And I’m so glad we did!

They had the Mermaid University and Moon Mermaid story time (complete with her Pet Pirate).They had Swashbuckler Academy, with a pirate show before the dive in movie which was followed by fireworks. 

However, my favorite part of coarse was the beautifully appointed Spa with a Zen garden,  roof top infinity pool… and of course the obligatory piña colada.

I can honestly say the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess is one of the most beautiful resort hotels I have been to in Arizona.  I was in no way compensated for this review; I just wanted to share my great experience at this super fun resort. These programs go until Labor Day  weekend, so if you’re interested better hurry! 

What is the best Stay-cation you’ve ever taken? I’d love to hear from you!



Las Vegas- BOOM Goes the ADHD Brain 

LIGHTS! SOUNDS! PEOPLE! Must be Las Vegas! MrDad had a Convention, so we made it a tag-a-long road trip. 

LT was in overdrive immediately. After being stuck in a car and then stepping into the wildness that is a casino lobby he was in  full-body-boogie mode. Keeping him from accidentally kicking an innocent bystander was a full time job! We checked in and after a few minutes in the room MrDad suggested the “Fun Dungeon “, the hotel’s arcade, thus setting up the theme of our trip…

The Arcade. The ARCADE. THE ARCADE!!!

We planned ahead.  We instituted a budget for LT of $20 a day for spending money, with the ability to earn a tally mark (A tally mark equals a quarter ) for each sentence read while we were out and about and spontaneous good behavior. This was my way of including math and reading in our vacation!

LT blew through $36 on the first day and had two bouncy balls, three bendy flowers, one yellow duck and one dolphin keychain to show for it. He deemed it pretty good day.

Bun Buns – These are like Tsum Tsum but cheaper… yet more expensive if you’re trying to win them! He  won the orange kitten, Cutest, but we bought the rest at the gift shop… best seven bucks we spent!

Circus Circus was the best arcade hands-down in our opinion. 

“The Strip” was  also a great joy for his Ferrari -brain. The new sites came up so  quickly that they matched his attention span for once. So much to see, do and especially buy! We had a great time visiting the mall, they have a great big Disney store, and a great Lego store. If you are a Lego VIP member, don’t forget your Lego passport to get a Las Vegas stamp!

These guys were a trip! The caught us right at the bottom of the Excalibur/ NYNY escalators that cross over the “Strip” and lead to the M&M store. Usually LT hates having his pic taken, but he begged for this snap! Although, I wasn’t thrilled about Cap asking for a $20 donation… But that’s Vegas! 

The M&M store brought us this little gem AKA THE MOST ANNOYING TOY EVER. I took out the batteries and LT agreed it was a better toy for it, ha!

Of course, Serendipity!

These are the things that made our trip manageable, from an ADHD POV:

*We made a budget, so there were less arguments and meltdowns over acquiring things,

*We had a loose schedule that allowed for spontaneity but not loose enough that it encouraged impulsivity,

* We set aside Quiet Time each day. We lowered the lights, lounged on the bed and had no noise or only very quiet, mellow shows/movies/music,

* We took the bus instead of taxis. Not only was it extremely cost-effective but it forced us to pay attention to the schedules which helped structure our time. Riding also allowed us to look around while still getting two different destinations.

*Usually on vacation I try to make sure that we have lots of exercise in the morning but On this trip, even with our bus pass,we were walking upwards of six miles a day on our travels… so that was not a problem.

We had a terrific time on our vacation… Although we came home with a novel new penchant for stackable plush! 

Visit me on Pinterest (MissyMrsMom) to see the arcade-inspired birthday party for LT!

Until next time – Missy

Organize Your Summer Schedules

We are lucky to live in an area with a lot of stuff to do, but keeping track of it can be a bit tricky! A couple of VBS programs, three city libraries, summer movie fun, the Lego store, etc. etc. Even the mall has a summer program! Everywhere we go there’s a schedule to pick up. 

Last year I had a folder in my car that I kept all of the schedules in, but I never did put them in the three ring binder; I just shoved them in the sides, lol. It was okay at first but got progressively worse and not very helpful in the end.

I’m getting ahead of it this summer!

You need: A two pocket folder with three ring fasteners, heavy duty clear plastic sleeves (optional: sharpie and packaging tape). 

It’s so easy: I put in about a dozen clear plastic sleeves then used a piece of clear packaging tape* on the front (with one side folded over to make it easier to take off when I’m done and reuse) and using a sharpie I wrote “Summer Schedule 2o16”. *Since I use my car as a command center in the summer, I use packaging tape on my folders because the tape won’t melt onto the folder because it’s meant to take high temperatures.

It turned out pretty great and I’m looking forward to filling it up with summer fun!

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MMM in Sedona- Red Jeeps, Red Rocks & a Vortex

Namaste from Sedona

Over the past several years, with the challenges of doing the wife/mom thing and looking straight at 40, I’ve become far more open-minded than the young me could have ever predicted. I’ve embraced yoga, whole foods and self-help books, all of which I’d once dismissed as ‘hippie-dippy stuff’.
My bad. 
consider myself practically native to my beloved AZ, and have been to many of the must-see spots in the state thanks to my Grandma & Grandpa M!
Unfortunately, I was not exactly attentive and/or particularly impressed on our southwest summer road trips. I was far more interested in friends, boys and nail polish than cliff dwellings or swirling centers of energy. In my defense, I was a teenager
As I’ve traveled to different places, I’ve occasionally been a bit sheepish about my lack of knowledge about my self-professed home state. Obviously, it’s time to subject my little sweeties to Southwest Road Trips (With a Special Arizona Focus)!
It’s my turn now. 

Red Rock Jeep Tour
Anyone who has heard of Sedona has probably heard of the Pink Jeep Tours. However, since our Little Tyke is crazy about RED Jeeps with no doors and a tire on the back, pink lost out! 
We took the Cowboys & Canyons tour with Charlie. He looked like a Wild West cowboy and was just as knowledgeable. Our gang loved the beautiful, bumpy ride ride, full of fun facts about different trees and rock formations. The climb up to “Whiskey Bill’s” cabin was only mildly nerve-wracking and the bouncy jostle down was my little guys road trip high-point! 
We had an especially awesome experience with Red Rock Jeep for two reasons. First, they were super patient with our lateness. Sedona is usually a bit less than two hour drive from Phoenix but traffic construction, a bad accident and Spring Break Traffic added an extra hour+.They held our spot without complaint and were even helpful with the maddening parking situation. Secondly, our guide stopped to pick up a distinctly ill young woman and her slightly panicked friend and gave them ride down the trail to their car. I’m quite glad my kids got to see an act of kindness/love your neighbor moment in action. Bravo, Cowboy Charlie!
I absolutely recommend a jeep tour, especially if you’d like experience the absolute joy of 4×4 action and the trails with no hiking or sleeping in a tent required!

Sedona is well-known for its tranquil, spiritual energy which can be felt throughout the town but many believe originate from certain areas referred to as Vortex. There are several known vortex spots and we’d heard the Airport Vortex mentioned frequently. As it was also the closest, MrDad agreed to drive us up the high, winding road and keep an eye on the Little Tyke. There was a large parking lot that was nearly deserted at about 9:30 a.m. The view was truly magnificent and the air was clear, crisp and scented by the many evergreens. 
Sassy was surprisingly enthusiastic about our vortex pursuit.
She found a rock that brought her a peaceful feeling and even seemed to follow her around. I felt more energy from an especially pleasant smelling Juniper tree.  
I thanked the tree & shared my water

This website was a wealth of interesting knowledge if you are thinking of having vortex hunt of your own!
Then Uptown shops were an absolute blast, though not at all suitable for a under-exercised first grader. Sassy and I enjoyed looking at Vortex rocks, Himalayan Salt lights and semi-precious stones by the millions. Sassy was intrigued by the Ostrich Jerky at one shop but quipped,”$17?! I’m not even sure if I’ll like it! Even if I did it would be an expensive and unattainable craving. Best not to even get started.” Wise words. 
Our Sedona shopping afternoon certainly did seem peaceful, but that could have had a lot to do with MrDad & LT exploring separately…

The best part? We were only there for about 24 hours… Imagine what we’ll get up to on a proper Road Trip!
See you in Sedona!