A Graphic Organizer for 2017 LOVE

I am going to be the best kind of busy this year! 

Creating a graphic organizer is a trick I stole from the ADHD toolbox, but it’s great for anyone that wants to sort out their priorities for 2017. 

I’m ready… are you? I’d lovelovelove to see your 2017 graphic organizer in the comments!

✌️- Missy  


Writing My Prayers-July Challenge 

Each month I try to challenge myself to doing something I find difficult. This month: Prayer Journaling!

I’ve always like to journal. However in this digital world, I lost that need to put pen to paper. With my birthday party and LT’s birthday party these past couple months I’ve been writing a lot of thank you notes… And my hand hurts! I knew I had to make a change so I chose to get back into journaling. 

This notebook was a lucky find; half price at my local B&N. So I’m ready!

Do you journal? Do you prefer ink and paper or digital? What do you like about it? I’d truly love to see your comments! 

Hoping your summer is going well – Missy

Mom Trauma- Saying Goodbye With Grace

Children are a blessing, I truly believe that. I also believe that if potential parents knew the torment of extraneous defiance, nobody-wins power struggles, and the possibility of utter failure that looms towards the end of our parenting journey… We may have fewer humans around. 

Fowl Language Comics c.Brian Gordon @fowlcomics

My three kids are my greatest joy and most agonizing responsibility. My parenting skills have developed in a lurching, uneven way and I struggle with that and I’m guessing I always will. The great unknown outcome of my success as a parent is nearly unbearable some days. Especially because my two oldest are adults. Immature adults to be sure; but adults with, goals, ambitions and rights of their own. 

I’ve been honest with my adult kids about my struggles and learning experiences, I’ve acknowledged my failures and how I managed to recover from failure. I’ve tried to be a good role model and to prepare them to manage themselves.  Have I allowed them to see my faults in a way that shows them that we are both just humans at different phases? Or do they see me as so fundamentally flawed that my advice until now is suspect? 

I’m nearing the end of my run as their life-manager, and I have no option but to allow them to make their own choices. Have I fulfilled my parenting responsibility? Was my best good enough? 

My son is finishing his first year of college and has chosen to get ahead with summer school, eschewing a trip home to visit. My daughter is ready to move out after her senior year. I can’t stop them from choosing to do things, or choosing not to do things, that will shape their lives from here on out. I weep over our distant, sometimes hostile, relationships as they are now. Will I miss the passive aggressive bitterness, the power struggles and toxic tensions that sometimes invaded our home? No. And I mean NO. In fact, I’m really looking FOWARD to a break from that

I will miss them, of course; they are parts of my soul that I can’t protect anymore. I can’t surround their tender hearts with my mommy-armor any longer. So, as ever, every wish on a star or eyelash and morning prayer is for them and I wish them well with every heartbeat and breath I take. 

Photo credit: zorro4

As they say hello to their independent lives, I hope I can say goodbye to their childhoods with grace. I see their potential and I’m so grateful for the gift that is them. 

Yoga Bracelets & Healing Stones 

As a mom with two kids with ADHD/ADD, and with ADHD myself, it’s important that I model mindfulness and intentional actions. As I began to become more comfortable with my mala bracelet and its usefulness for centering at yoga and meditation, I felt like I had to share this nifty discovery!

At just this time a good friend of mine was going through a mystery eye deterioration; this is on top of her constant issues from recovering from West Nile Virus. She is an extremely mindful person and we’d discussed meditation a few times.

 While in Sedona I developed an interest in crystal meanings and uses. Two stones stuck in my mind; agate & amethyst. These stones had long been held as healing stones with a special focus on eye & immune health. Lightbulb!

This website was tremendously helpful in when I began to choose stones that would most beneficial  to friends… https://www.bestcrystals.com/healing-properties

I had great luck at Michaels and a couple of lucky finds at Joann’s but finding true stone beads was tricky. Be sure to check for key words like semi-precious, stone or natural. Know a few stones before you go, that way you won’t feel totally overwhelmed. 

Items I used:

* Clear Stretch Magic . 5 mm elastic

*18 or 27 stone beads with one contrasting-texture stone. 

String your beads, making sure your contrasting stone is in the center. This will allow you to know when you’ve reached the end of your round. Finish your bracelet with a double surgeons knot, for strength. 

A vid on how I use my bracelet:

Sit comfortably with a folded towel under your hip bones to help keep your spine straight. Close your eyes. Take time to follow a few slow, deep breaths. Center yourself and focus on your calm intentions. 

Personally, I silently chant a mantra like the Jesus Meditation or just use OM on the exhale. Your choice, of course. 

Hold your beads in your right hand, using your middle and index fingers. Starting at your contrasting bead, use your thumb to touch your bead on your inhale and pulling it toward you on your exhale. Do this until you come to your special contrasting bead. You can end your meditation here or continue in the reverse direction (not passing over your special bead) and begin again.

So, what stones would you use? Why? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Namaste – Missy

40 Days of Kindness

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Our family is a part of the UMC and while we don’t ‘give up’ anything we do embrace Lent as a time to focus on simple living and prayer as a way to grow closer to God. 

(This is really nifty Lent synopsis.)
A couple years ago, I got into a fascinating conversation with our Reverend about why we don’t generally choose to give up a luxury or fast daily. She suggested we intensify our concentration on God and re-focus our lives to be more in line with Jesus. She also gave me a few ideas on things that we could do as a family that would strengthen our Christian commitment

Boom! 40 Days of Kindness was created!
Each day during the Lenten season, we try to do at least one random act of kindness. Some of the things we’ve done: 
*take a prayer walk around the block and pray for our neighbors 
*send a happy email 
*pray for a different family every night
*pay a genuine compliment to a stranger 
*spend 15 minutes cleaning up a park
*bring a healthy treat for Sunday School
*tape a couple dollars to the redbox
*leave quarters in a tiny toy vending machine (this is my Little Tyke’s fave!)

Feel free to join us and share your R.A.K. ideas in the comments 🙂