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Backwards & Inside Out-Our ADHD Life

ADHD abounds in our family. I have it, my young adult daughter has it and my youngest son was recently diagnosed with both ADHD/ADD; I didn’t even know that was a thing. I hoped he’d escape it, because it’s a heck of a inconvenience.

This image has been going around for a while, and it makes an excellent analogy.


If anyone knows the original content creator, please let me know.

We have to be very intentional in our house. Meds have to be taken, food has to be eaten and all the things need to be done. That can be pretty overwhelming stuff when you lack an internal “social secretary”!

So, I do it. At least, I try… And sometimes I fail. Hard. Managing my life, and teaching my kids to manage theirs is tough.


I worry every day that I’m not doing enough. I’m so grateful for my faith and my husband, because both have made this life possible… And it’s a good life.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you follow me and say hi once in a while. I’m the chatty type.



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