Celebrating Yoga Month with a Whole Food Challenge

I’m not a great eater. 

ADHD meds are a known appetite suppressant but once they wear off the body demands immediate satisfaction. Obviously, if I don’t make intentional eating a priority during the day, bad choices will be made at night. I’m a great lover of super-paletteables chock full of salt, sugar and preservatives, which are just about the worst thing you can have right before bed!

I’ve also been really wrapped in school, MBSR training and finishing my yoga certification. So if I get too busy or distracted to eat during the day I become ravenous at night. I make bad food choices, and justify it with the fact that I haven’t even anything all day so it’s not doing too much damage right? Wrong

So to celebrate yoga month I decided to challenge myself to a week of eating a whole food diet. These are the articles that got me thinking… 



I’m headed to Sprouts to fill my fridge & cupboard with healthy things. I’ll post each day with a snap of a healthy snack or meal so follow me on Twitter and Instagram @missymrsmom & feel free to join me this week!

I’d love to hear some simple recipes and whole food ideas, so please leave a comment… Wish me luck- Missy


Post-Yoga Intention Challenge 

I absolutely adore September! It means August is over, pumpkin spice is everywhere and school is in full swing!

I’m super excited about my personal challenge this month. At the end of every meditation and/or yoga class the instructor will invite us to set an intention. I am terrible at this; I am so happy and comfortable in my corpse pose I can hardly think about how I’m going to drive home much less set an intention for the rest of my day. 

So, I admit I am cheating a little and thinking pre-yoga about the intentions that I’ll put down on paper post-yoga. I think this will be a profound step in my journey. 

If you’d like to join me I’d love to hear your intentions in the comments!

Marvel + Tsum Tsum = #bestdayever!

OK, you know I love Tsum Tsum. And you probably know that I love Marvel. So it’s not much of a stretch to know that this is the BEST DAY EVER!

Check it:

That’s right fellow nerds not only is the Captain America:Civil War movie out on digital but the Marvel Tsum Tsum game has FINALLY dropped in the USA and it is AWESOME. 

What the heck are you waiting for?! Go! GO! 

Oh and add me to your friends list (#teamcapyo) if you play!

Happy Marvel day!