I Actually Hate August 

August is the worst. It’s a miserable month.

It’s hotter than hell, not to mention sticky  and buggy. It’s a huge month of transitions also. When you’re hot, sticky and bug-bit it’s not a great time for change! 

I’m really struggling this August because I’m nervous about school; the College Kid is not getting the classes he’d like, Sassy is at a crossroads educationally and LT is intimidated by our over-zealous schools second grade curriculum. Don’t even get me started on the road blocks that are constantly being down in front of me on my own educational path.

Usually I like to find something “hard” to tackle every month (organization, writing my prayers and hot yoga have all the things that I’ve done and concurred… however minimally some months, haha). This month I just don’t know where to even start. Does just getting through August count?

I’d really adore some advice, comments and/or interesting/funny/awesome anecdotes about August… I sure can’t find much to get enthused about.

Looking forward to hearing from you-Missy


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