Mermaid Tail, Crochet Fail

Oh sure, it looks cute…


It took 7 hours & 3 skeins of fancy yarn. So, basically this thing is worth about $100, LOL. 

I love to crochet, but I get bored halfway through. I’ve made some pretty neat things, but completion isn’t always my strong suit! Once it is finished, I’m off crochet for ages. 

There will be no tutorial to follow, because never again. 

Until the next time, anyway 🙂

Do you have any projects you wish you’d never started? Tell me about it! 



6 thoughts on “Mermaid Tail, Crochet Fail

  1. elekbas says:

    Maybe you can add an elastic or so to fix the tail. I used to start making baby crochet shoes but they usually did not look the same too many times when I was a beginner 😂😂😂
    I hated making two of anything.


  2. lifeisntnormal says:

    I always have to do small projects or I also get bored (scarves, small amigurumi, hats, baby things, etc.)
    I started a mermaid blanket 2 months ago. How far along is it?
    (Not even a wash cloth size…) Kudos for finishing! 🙂


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