Bye-Bye Summer Bloat!

Do you get all bloated from all that easy, yummy convenience foods we snack on during lazy summer days? I do! My Detox Tea go to fix was so popular I thought I’d share!

I think I got the idea from a Jillian Micheals pin a couple years ago.  This totally helps with water retention!

It’s just a gallon jug full of; distilled water, 100% cranberry juice, a couple squeezes of lemon and three bags of dandelion root tea. Drink half gallon in the morning before 12. If you drink it later that you’ll be up all night. Keep drinking your regular water also; this tea is a flush and thus dehydrating. 

Also, if you have any health conditions double check that dandelion root tea is appropriate for you!

Do you have a good water weight flush? Let me know if you like this one in the comments or on Twitter @missymrsmom

Enjoy the last bit of summer- Missy 


Lessons From Bad Yoga

I started yoga right after I had my youngest child. I don’t think I’d even been practicing for a week when I was diagnosed with postpartum hyper thyroiditis.   One troublesome symptom that I was having that didn’t really fit was joint pain; my wrists ankles and knees ached like they never had before. It took me several years to realize that the cause wasn’t PPT but bad yoga. That was humiliating… Like wake-you-up in the middle of the night with the cringing-stupids humiliating.  

The only reason I even got into yoga was because it looked easy and all my friends were doing it. It wasn’t and they quit within a month or two.

 I kept coming back to yoga though. I constantly circled and stabbed at it the way a cat does a snake; As in “It will probably hurt me, but it is just irresistible!“. I took a few classes but I felt like a blubbery sea lion among graceful, beautiful otters. After a few classes at the Rec I figured I had it down and could practice at home with YouTube vids and dvr’d PBS 80s Yoga! reruns.  

Insert cringy-stupids

Fast forward 4 years. I’ve been doing half-hearted yoga on my living room floor for a while and decide to take up running. I joined a running group at my local rec, and ran a 5K. In fact, I was up to 3 miles every other day for a while. It was pretty great but my neck hurt all of the time. My knees hurt all of the time.

I limped along that way for quite some time but then the day after Christmas the following year I threw out my back. I’d never done that before. It was awful, I couldn’t believe the agony. After that I because over cautious and careful. I started to really get into the connections that every muscle group has to each other and the importance of preventive maintenance on this old body of mine. Which led me right back to YOGA. 

The more I learned about muscle connections and interactions and the resultant joint health importance, the more fascinated I became. Not only did my pain finally go away but I understood my body and mind connection in a way I never had before. My natural inclination is to go as fast as I can when exercising. Go fast, go hard, and get done. It’s great for my ADHD side because my  brain is constantly looking for what’s next… ready to move onto the next thing. Yoga is more of a challenge in this respect because it’s about slowing down, and being in a moment. It’s about precise movements and intentional breathing. It’s about noticing things we might take for granted (our posture, our breathing, our inner thoughts) and allowing them our total focus if only briefly. For me yoga is a practice of intention instead of impulse, which is a constant ADHD struggle. 

So, for the past year I’ve been committed to yoga everyday and these simple rules:

Good Yoga 

1. Do it right. 

2. To do it right, I have to go out and learn from (and observe) other yoga students. 

3. To learn from other yoga students I have to stop worrying if I look like I know what I’m doing and start actually knowing what to do. 

I’m really focused on my practice now and I take every new class, workshop and class I can find. My greater understanding of yoga has opened up a mystical spiritualism I didn’t know existed in me. 

But mostly, good yoga feels GOOD. 

Do you have any bad yoga stories? I’d love to hear them!

Namaste- Missy

Dude- Pokèmon Go. 

Am I right? 

I totally I called it… Pokèmon summer. I had no idea. 
I’m not afraid to say I like trendy things. I love to be doing the new fun thing! A lot of my friends are this way too, so when they started talking about Pokémon Go and catching Pokèmon at the Walmart YEAH I was curious.

I was super excited to get it for LT until I saw the crazy train permission requests. Like, my Windows 10 gave me less  trouble. Well, almost. After only a little research  I started seeing some serious technical and physical safety concerns and I had to lay the fatwa on P-Go.

Now my husband, who used to play ingress, actually downloaded the Pokémon go app without me knowing. I’m over here researching the cumulative safety concerns… He’s catching Pikachu and leveling up. He thought it was a good family-time app, and I saw his point! After several days of discussion about the best ways to protect LT’s safety I conceded defeat.

My Recommendations:

  • Use the Pokèmon Trainer Club login option
  • Play on an old iPhone with limited content (we were lucky enough to have an old one)
  • Share data and WATCH IT
  • Create a gmail for P-Go usage
  • Set the ground rules pre-download. (I admit. Time limits have been hard to stick with because it is so FUN.)

I’d be a terrible Pokèmon Trainer, but look how happy they are. 

So yes, I caved. I choose to look at it this why: I got new information and it changed my mind. That’s a good lesson… I think. 

Are you and your kids playing? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @missymrsmom

Gotta go… Gotta catch em all 😉 Missy

White Cup Deco- Fun! New! Thing! 

I love to doodle and draw but I don’t really have that kind of down time. I’ve been seeing these adult coloring books and while they are adorable and my friends rave about thier relaxation benefits I just didn’t get it. 

Then one day I got stood up on a coffee date. I was melancholy, because I paid $3 for a coffee and now I had no mom-chat to blow off steam. I remembered I had some sharpies in my bag and JUST LIKE THAT a favorite thing was created!

I totally get my friends adult coloring book enthusiasm now and agree wholeheartedly that the mindless repetition is totally relaxing. Now I often hit up the coffee shop ‘happy hour’… Just for the cheaper canvas… I mean cup. 

I liked it so much I incorporated it into our monthly MNO (Mom’s Night Out) and it went beautifully. After a bit of “What should I draw” angst, everyone had a good time creating. 

Have you ever been lured in by that lovely blank canvas? What do you draw? Let me know in the comments and visit my Pinterest for ideas!

Have fun doodling- Missy

Monday Morning Detox

I’m a weekday warrior- Yoga in the morning, a little fruit, veg  and protein at every meal, swimming and careful sugar consumption. 

But then the weekend comes…

So. Much. Crap. 

In fairness it is summer and the weekends are our fun time with MrDad but by Monday I feel like…

Sketch inspiration:

So, I get back on track. I eat better (not perfect) and focus on the good stuff. My Monday morning go to (post coffee, of course) is this yummy mixed tea. 

Everyday Detox Lemon tea bag, Green Tea tea bag, a spritz of lemon, a dash of 100% cranberry juice and water/ice to bring to 48 ounces. 

They are both decaffinated, and the everyday detox has burdock root, stinging nettle and dandelion root to flush out the lingering bad stuff… Green Tea is just all around good stuff! It also takes care of just about half my daily water intake. FYI, the Starbucks Venti cup in 24 ounces, so I drink all my water from this handy reuseable sweetie because it fits in my cup holder… So I have no excuse not to take it everywhere!

What do you use to beat the weekend bloat? Can’t wait to hear from you-Missy

I Can SO Make Fizzy Surprise Eggs

We went to the zoo yesterday & LT wanted a “Fizzy Surprise Egg”, which is actually pretty cool but… $5?! I’ve got the supplies to make that at home… Right now!

I told LT I could make those at home. He straight up told me I could NOT make those at home. 

Challenge accepted, kid. 

I was barely in the car before I found this this recipe from”Soapy Hollow” on Instructables:

However, after doing a some research I noticed bath salts and cornstarch can be irritating to sensitive skin and LT has really sensitive skin so I decided to use this old hand-written recipe (that’s how we did it before Pinterest) I found in my bath crafting tote. 

Ingredients I used:

3/4 cup Baking Soda 

1/4 Citric Acid

1 teaspoon Sweet Almond Oil

1/2 teaspoon Water

1-2 drops Food coloring (Heads up: a little goes a long way & I didn’t want blue tub rings!) 

A small spritzer of witch hazel

3 small toys that will easily fit in the middle of your eggs. 

(This made 3 large eggs)

Mix dry ingredients well. No clumps, nice and smooth. Be sure to sift them, or if you don’t have a sifter, tap your mixing container several time to settle the ingredients. 

Shake up the SWO, food coloring and water in a jar to mix. Add while stirring. You should use a whisk but mine is in the bathtub so a fork had to do. It should be like damp sand or brown sugar. If it’s too dry or crumbly, spritz it a few times with the witch hazel. 

Mold it quickly; it dries fast! I used big Easter eggs because that’s what I had. 

Fill up the bottom part of the egg making sure to pack the mixture. Push the small toy into the middle (not all the way, it will stick out) then fill up the top part of the egg, being sure to smooth it and pack it in, leaving a small indentation for the toy. Combine the pieces and tap it down to pack it well. 

Let them sit for at least an hour. I froze them because I was in a hurry,  and I think that’s one why one didn’t fully adhere and came out and broke in half. I just sprayed each part with witch hazel and tapped it down to pack it and it came out very nice!

LT is thrilled! He had a blast helping and especially testing them! I’ll post a video of it on my YouTube channel. 

I think they’re pretty great, the only thing I’ll try next time is spritzing the inside of the egg first (they are a little tricky to pop out) and both pieces before I connect them. 

What do you think? I really want to know! Let me know in the comments or say hi on Twitter @missymrsmom

See you soon- Missy

Mermaid Tail, Crochet Fail

Oh sure, it looks cute…


It took 7 hours & 3 skeins of fancy yarn. So, basically this thing is worth about $100, LOL. 

I love to crochet, but I get bored halfway through. I’ve made some pretty neat things, but completion isn’t always my strong suit! Once it is finished, I’m off crochet for ages. 

There will be no tutorial to follow, because never again. 

Until the next time, anyway 🙂

Do you have any projects you wish you’d never started? Tell me about it! 


Writing My Prayers-July Challenge 

Each month I try to challenge myself to doing something I find difficult. This month: Prayer Journaling!

I’ve always like to journal. However in this digital world, I lost that need to put pen to paper. With my birthday party and LT’s birthday party these past couple months I’ve been writing a lot of thank you notes… And my hand hurts! I knew I had to make a change so I chose to get back into journaling. 

This notebook was a lucky find; half price at my local B&N. So I’m ready!

Do you journal? Do you prefer ink and paper or digital? What do you like about it? I’d truly love to see your comments! 

Hoping your summer is going well – Missy