Organize Your Summer Schedules

We are lucky to live in an area with a lot of stuff to do, but keeping track of it can be a bit tricky! A couple of VBS programs, three city libraries, summer movie fun, the Lego store, etc. etc. Even the mall has a summer program! Everywhere we go there’s a schedule to pick up. 

Last year I had a folder in my car that I kept all of the schedules in, but I never did put them in the three ring binder; I just shoved them in the sides, lol. It was okay at first but got progressively worse and not very helpful in the end.

I’m getting ahead of it this summer!

You need: A two pocket folder with three ring fasteners, heavy duty clear plastic sleeves (optional: sharpie and packaging tape). 

It’s so easy: I put in about a dozen clear plastic sleeves then used a piece of clear packaging tape* on the front (with one side folded over to make it easier to take off when I’m done and reuse) and using a sharpie I wrote “Summer Schedule 2o16”. *Since I use my car as a command center in the summer, I use packaging tape on my folders because the tape won’t melt onto the folder because it’s meant to take high temperatures.

It turned out pretty great and I’m looking forward to filling it up with summer fun!

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