Guess The Movie – A Simple & Fun Party Game!

We love party games! We wanted to have a super easy ice-breaker game at my 40th birthday party to help people interactwith one another even if they didn’t know each other very well.

 I wrote down 40 of my favorite movies (for a reference page) then wrote each movie title on a slip of white paper and attached a small clothespin. 

As each person arrived, we gave them a close pin with a the folded paper and a clothespin. We asked them to memorize their movie on their slip of paper and attach their clothes into their top.
The object of the game: Asking no more than 3 questions, try to guess  the movie another person pulled out of the jar and get their clothespin. 

If someone guesses your movie you must give them your clothespin and you are OUT. Once you lose your clothespin, NO more guessing!

The best part: Stealing! The good guessers gather more and more pins, and stakes go up! Every time you guess someone’s movie you get all of the pins they’ve collected.  So, it’s quite possible that someone could going from having all the pins to losing in the blink of a guess!
The game lasted quite a long time and was an absolute blast, with a couple of competitive friends even keeping a cheat sheet in their pocket! The competition became so spirited, I started to worry that prize was a only hummingbird feeder from the dollar store! 

If you’re looking for a fun game that is easy for everyone to get into this is it! 

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