These 2 Oils Will Save Your Summer 

From sunburn damage, that is!

We are good moms. We put on all the body-part specific sunscreen in all the right places. We (try) to avoid the spray stuff. We make our over-excited sweethearts wait 15-20 minutes for it to absorb and yet… SUNBURNS STILL HAPPEN. 

I’m sorry that I don’t have any magic in new ways to prevent sunburn besides the ones we all know, but I recently came across an amazing use for coconut oil and vitamin E oil to prevent the drying, blistering, peeling post-burn nightmare. 

When our skin gets burnt in the sun, it’s because all of our skin oils have been literally burned away. This method reintroduces oil so that your skin will not dry out as much which *can* prevent the blistering and peeling.

Here’s my method:

First: Place a cool washcloth on the burn. This will help get rid of some of the dirt, grime, extra sunscreen, chlorine etc. Don’t rub

Second;:   As my youngest says; It’s time to butter up!  I mix a scoop of coconut oil (1/2 cup) and a squirt of vitamin E oil (1 teaspoon) in a plastic, resealable container. Make sure the lid is on and shake it up. Not only does the vitamin E oil replenishing the burnt skin but it has a faint, pleasant lemon scent that masks the sometimes strong coconut smell. Make sure you have clean hands and spread it all over the burn. 

Third: Advil and HYDRATE. You must replenish the dehydrated body! Watermelon, cucumbers & strawberries are awesome hydrating foods. No wonder they are summertime staples!

Tip: Chill the oil mixture in the fridge. It melts very quickly but if you act fast you can get an added cooling effect. 

Tip: I really like to keep the sunburn sufferer oiled up as long and as much as possible. If they are planning on lounging around somewhere, put a puppy training pads under the spot where there oiled up. I get them at the dollar store 10 for a $1. Save your beds, your couch, your carpet!

I’m not a dermatologist, heck I’m not  even a doctor. I’m just a mom with very fair-skinned kids and I’m extremely fair-skinned myself. (Frankly, I forget to put sunscreen on myself half the time and end up using this on my own burn!)
*But seriously: If for ANY reason you believe a burn needs medical attention, go get medical attention.

Good luck, and may your summer be sunburn free!

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