Kid-Can-Do! DIY Bag Tags

LT is a little hipster… He always likes things before they are cool… So they are impossible to find!

He also becomes totally absorbed in whatever new thing he’s into. He hasn’t quite figured out that liking something doesn’t mean the thing defines him. I mean, he is six.

He loves to surround himself with his current interest; room, backpack, lunchbox, etc. I’ve become an expert at making our own decorations out of the boxes toys come in, clothing tags and contact-covered printables. 

With these kid-can-do bag tags, he can make new tags for his plain colored backpack as quickly as his obsessions change!

First, make sure you’ve got ink in the printer, then choose a cool image that will fit on a wallet size print. In Windows photo Gallery you can select your photo and in the print options (on the right-hand side) it will give you the option to print wallet size photos; you can print just one, or as many as you want up to nine. You will two; one for each side. We chose 2 different images, but you could easily do both sides the same!

Or even better find 2 cards or merchandise tags that match, no cutting!

You need:


*Your small images, around wallet size 

*contact paper

*hole punch 

*something to connect it with (we use zip ties)

Cut two pieces of contact paper slightly bigger than your tags. Put the first tag (image face down) on the sticky side of the contact paper, then tag (image face up) on top of the previous image and place a piece of contact paper over the top of both. Press the pieces of contact paper together as smoothly as you can,  making sure that there is a tape edge all around the tag. 

Trim the tag around the tape edge, making sure not to trim all the way to the tag or it won’t stay stuck together!  

Using your whole punch, make a hole in the top (far enough away that it will not rip out). 

Connect it to your backpack or wherever using your zip tie!

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