Kid-Can-Do Hot Wheels Garage

Ah, Summer. School is out, so of course…

“Mom, I’m booooored!”

Not to worry, friends! I’m going to try out lots of kid-can-do projects (with things you can find around the house) and post my #pinwins at least once a week. 

For our first summer kid-can-do: My son’s little friend is coming for a play date and he’s a big hot wheels fan. We decided to figure out a way to make easy hot wheel garage with stuff we have around the house!

We always have lots of cardboard boxes tape and cans of food. The only tricky part on this one was cutting the center parts… Otherwise this is a fantastic boy project! 

You need: A cardboard base, some canned food (we used larger on the bottom for a sturdy base, smaller on top for stability) and a long cardboard “ramp”. We also used tape and scissors. 

I placed the large flat cardboard piece as the base. (Next time I think I’ll add a few lines of hot glue underneath so that it doesn’t move so much.)

I cut 3 sides of a square into the middle of each box that makes up the second and third levels. Cut an opening for the ramp…

LT built it up, taped the long ramp on and vroomvroom, he was off!

I highly recommend taking off the labels for a more authentic look but be sure to write with in the can on the bottom in sharpie. 

My favorite part? This project kept my ADHD kid busy for an hour in the late afternoon, which is the worst time of day at our house. Between everyone’s meds wearing off and the pre-dinner hangrys it can be a bad scene. This one saved the day!

If you have any cool kid-can-do projects please share!

For more fun ideas visit my “Camp Mommy” board on Pinterest (find me: missymrsmom)!


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