Your Kid Is a Punk


So is mine. 

I saw a mom today at drop off. I’ve seen this mom and her girls every day for months. I don’t know her, but she’s always there to see her girls off with hugs and something nice to say. Today she said goodbye to the oldest girl, who whipped around and whined, “Why are you so mean?”

The mother looked heartbroken. And exasperated. And a little ticked off. 

Oh how I felt every one of her feelings with her. 

How am I being mean?”She quietly asked the daughter who replied; “I don’t knooooow.” Mom hugged her girl again and said, “We’ll talk about it later. I love you.

I was so moved by this mother’s moment with her daughter. She handled the situation so well (although it looks like she had some practice). When that mother walked by me as I waited at the gate with my my youngest I stopped her.

I said: I see you every morning being an awesome mom to your girls. You are really good at this.  

I don’t know if I should have said anything; it might’ve come off as weird. But I know that if I hadn’t said anything I would’ve regretted it. She smiled and thanked me and went on her way. 

Our kids don’t know that every day, when we say goodbye to them, we’re  letting a little piece of our heart go with them. We let them go out in the world and we can’t help them, guide them, or be right there to make their life easier. We do this because we want them to be independent and mature adults someday… but it’s still hard for us every day. I hope that that mom knows that she’s doing great job, and that she knows that we see her. 



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