Yoga Bracelets & Healing Stones 

As a mom with two kids with ADHD/ADD, and with ADHD myself, it’s important that I model mindfulness and intentional actions. As I began to become more comfortable with my mala bracelet and its usefulness for centering at yoga and meditation, I felt like I had to share this nifty discovery!

At just this time a good friend of mine was going through a mystery eye deterioration; this is on top of her constant issues from recovering from West Nile Virus. She is an extremely mindful person and we’d discussed meditation a few times.

 While in Sedona I developed an interest in crystal meanings and uses. Two stones stuck in my mind; agate & amethyst. These stones had long been held as healing stones with a special focus on eye & immune health. Lightbulb!

This website was tremendously helpful in when I began to choose stones that would most beneficial  to friends…

I had great luck at Michaels and a couple of lucky finds at Joann’s but finding true stone beads was tricky. Be sure to check for key words like semi-precious, stone or natural. Know a few stones before you go, that way you won’t feel totally overwhelmed. 

Items I used:

* Clear Stretch Magic . 5 mm elastic

*18 or 27 stone beads with one contrasting-texture stone. 

String your beads, making sure your contrasting stone is in the center. This will allow you to know when you’ve reached the end of your round. Finish your bracelet with a double surgeons knot, for strength. 

A vid on how I use my bracelet:

Sit comfortably with a folded towel under your hip bones to help keep your spine straight. Close your eyes. Take time to follow a few slow, deep breaths. Center yourself and focus on your calm intentions. 

Personally, I silently chant a mantra like the Jesus Meditation or just use OM on the exhale. Your choice, of course. 

Hold your beads in your right hand, using your middle and index fingers. Starting at your contrasting bead, use your thumb to touch your bead on your inhale and pulling it toward you on your exhale. Do this until you come to your special contrasting bead. You can end your meditation here or continue in the reverse direction (not passing over your special bead) and begin again.

So, what stones would you use? Why? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Namaste – Missy


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