I Organize All At Once… Or Never

Day 1 & 2 

This is probably the best I’ll ever get until I stop crafting, or all my kids move out… I’m not entirely sure either one will ever happen!

It is 12:17 and no one is home… This will be trashed by 3:39

So I’m stuck on Day 3 because our master bathroom has leaked detritus into the master closet and there are dozen little  boxes and baskets tucked on the shelfs. 

Time to get ruthless!

I decided to combine Day 3 & Day 8 for efficiencies sake. It took far more than the hour I had allotted each task, but since my guys were on a camping trip and Sass was working I had a little extra time. It worked out pretty well!

I noticed I was moving clutter from one room back to a room that was already cleaned, so I had to stop, meditate to center myself and rethink my strategy. I really had to ask myself: DO I NEED THIS. I definitely have a better handle on it now!

This is really working. I’m super excited, because my house is going to be looking great for my 40th birthday party!


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