Organize Your Summer Schedules

We are lucky to live in an area with a lot of stuff to do, but keeping track of it can be a bit tricky! A couple of VBS programs, three city libraries, summer movie fun, the Lego store, etc. etc. Even the mall has a summer program! Everywhere we go there’s a schedule to pick up. 

Last year I had a folder in my car that I kept all of the schedules in, but I never did put them in the three ring binder; I just shoved them in the sides, lol. It was okay at first but got progressively worse and not very helpful in the end.

I’m getting ahead of it this summer!

You need: A two pocket folder with three ring fasteners, heavy duty clear plastic sleeves (optional: sharpie and packaging tape). 

It’s so easy: I put in about a dozen clear plastic sleeves then used a piece of clear packaging tape* on the front (with one side folded over to make it easier to take off when I’m done and reuse) and using a sharpie I wrote “Summer Schedule 2o16”. *Since I use my car as a command center in the summer, I use packaging tape on my folders because the tape won’t melt onto the folder because it’s meant to take high temperatures.

It turned out pretty great and I’m looking forward to filling it up with summer fun!

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Guess The Movie – A Simple & Fun Party Game!

We love party games! We wanted to have a super easy ice-breaker game at my 40th birthday party to help people interactwith one another even if they didn’t know each other very well.

 I wrote down 40 of my favorite movies (for a reference page) then wrote each movie title on a slip of white paper and attached a small clothespin. 

As each person arrived, we gave them a close pin with a the folded paper and a clothespin. We asked them to memorize their movie on their slip of paper and attach their clothes into their top.
The object of the game: Asking no more than 3 questions, try to guess  the movie another person pulled out of the jar and get their clothespin. 

If someone guesses your movie you must give them your clothespin and you are OUT. Once you lose your clothespin, NO more guessing!

The best part: Stealing! The good guessers gather more and more pins, and stakes go up! Every time you guess someone’s movie you get all of the pins they’ve collected.  So, it’s quite possible that someone could going from having all the pins to losing in the blink of a guess!
The game lasted quite a long time and was an absolute blast, with a couple of competitive friends even keeping a cheat sheet in their pocket! The competition became so spirited, I started to worry that prize was a only hummingbird feeder from the dollar store! 

If you’re looking for a fun game that is easy for everyone to get into this is it! 

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Kid-Can-Do! DIY Bag Tags

LT is a little hipster… He always likes things before they are cool… So they are impossible to find!

He also becomes totally absorbed in whatever new thing he’s into. He hasn’t quite figured out that liking something doesn’t mean the thing defines him. I mean, he is six.

He loves to surround himself with his current interest; room, backpack, lunchbox, etc. I’ve become an expert at making our own decorations out of the boxes toys come in, clothing tags and contact-covered printables. 

With these kid-can-do bag tags, he can make new tags for his plain colored backpack as quickly as his obsessions change!

First, make sure you’ve got ink in the printer, then choose a cool image that will fit on a wallet size print. In Windows photo Gallery you can select your photo and in the print options (on the right-hand side) it will give you the option to print wallet size photos; you can print just one, or as many as you want up to nine. You will two; one for each side. We chose 2 different images, but you could easily do both sides the same!

Or even better find 2 cards or merchandise tags that match, no cutting!

You need:


*Your small images, around wallet size 

*contact paper

*hole punch 

*something to connect it with (we use zip ties)

Cut two pieces of contact paper slightly bigger than your tags. Put the first tag (image face down) on the sticky side of the contact paper, then tag (image face up) on top of the previous image and place a piece of contact paper over the top of both. Press the pieces of contact paper together as smoothly as you can,  making sure that there is a tape edge all around the tag. 

Trim the tag around the tape edge, making sure not to trim all the way to the tag or it won’t stay stuck together!  

Using your whole punch, make a hole in the top (far enough away that it will not rip out). 

Connect it to your backpack or wherever using your zip tie!

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These 2 Oils Will Save Your Summer 

From sunburn damage, that is!

We are good moms. We put on all the body-part specific sunscreen in all the right places. We (try) to avoid the spray stuff. We make our over-excited sweethearts wait 15-20 minutes for it to absorb and yet… SUNBURNS STILL HAPPEN. 

I’m sorry that I don’t have any magic in new ways to prevent sunburn besides the ones we all know, but I recently came across an amazing use for coconut oil and vitamin E oil to prevent the drying, blistering, peeling post-burn nightmare. 

When our skin gets burnt in the sun, it’s because all of our skin oils have been literally burned away. This method reintroduces oil so that your skin will not dry out as much which *can* prevent the blistering and peeling.

Here’s my method:

First: Place a cool washcloth on the burn. This will help get rid of some of the dirt, grime, extra sunscreen, chlorine etc. Don’t rub

Second;:   As my youngest says; It’s time to butter up!  I mix a scoop of coconut oil (1/2 cup) and a squirt of vitamin E oil (1 teaspoon) in a plastic, resealable container. Make sure the lid is on and shake it up. Not only does the vitamin E oil replenishing the burnt skin but it has a faint, pleasant lemon scent that masks the sometimes strong coconut smell. Make sure you have clean hands and spread it all over the burn. 

Third: Advil and HYDRATE. You must replenish the dehydrated body! Watermelon, cucumbers & strawberries are awesome hydrating foods. No wonder they are summertime staples!

Tip: Chill the oil mixture in the fridge. It melts very quickly but if you act fast you can get an added cooling effect. 

Tip: I really like to keep the sunburn sufferer oiled up as long and as much as possible. If they are planning on lounging around somewhere, put a puppy training pads under the spot where there oiled up. I get them at the dollar store 10 for a $1. Save your beds, your couch, your carpet!

I’m not a dermatologist, heck I’m not  even a doctor. I’m just a mom with very fair-skinned kids and I’m extremely fair-skinned myself. (Frankly, I forget to put sunscreen on myself half the time and end up using this on my own burn!)
*But seriously: If for ANY reason you believe a burn needs medical attention, go get medical attention.

Good luck, and may your summer be sunburn free!

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Mom Trauma- Saying Goodbye With Grace

Children are a blessing, I truly believe that. I also believe that if potential parents knew the torment of extraneous defiance, nobody-wins power struggles, and the possibility of utter failure that looms towards the end of our parenting journey… We may have fewer humans around. 

Fowl Language Comics c.Brian Gordon @fowlcomics

My three kids are my greatest joy and most agonizing responsibility. My parenting skills have developed in a lurching, uneven way and I struggle with that and I’m guessing I always will. The great unknown outcome of my success as a parent is nearly unbearable some days. Especially because my two oldest are adults. Immature adults to be sure; but adults with, goals, ambitions and rights of their own. 

I’ve been honest with my adult kids about my struggles and learning experiences, I’ve acknowledged my failures and how I managed to recover from failure. I’ve tried to be a good role model and to prepare them to manage themselves.  Have I allowed them to see my faults in a way that shows them that we are both just humans at different phases? Or do they see me as so fundamentally flawed that my advice until now is suspect? 

I’m nearing the end of my run as their life-manager, and I have no option but to allow them to make their own choices. Have I fulfilled my parenting responsibility? Was my best good enough? 

My son is finishing his first year of college and has chosen to get ahead with summer school, eschewing a trip home to visit. My daughter is ready to move out after her senior year. I can’t stop them from choosing to do things, or choosing not to do things, that will shape their lives from here on out. I weep over our distant, sometimes hostile, relationships as they are now. Will I miss the passive aggressive bitterness, the power struggles and toxic tensions that sometimes invaded our home? No. And I mean NO. In fact, I’m really looking FOWARD to a break from that

I will miss them, of course; they are parts of my soul that I can’t protect anymore. I can’t surround their tender hearts with my mommy-armor any longer. So, as ever, every wish on a star or eyelash and morning prayer is for them and I wish them well with every heartbeat and breath I take. 

Photo credit: zorro4

As they say hello to their independent lives, I hope I can say goodbye to their childhoods with grace. I see their potential and I’m so grateful for the gift that is them. 

Chakras &Chemicals – Finding Balance 

My favorite author, John Green, was once asked,”If you could live in any time period, what would it be and why?” His answer:

That’s pretty profound.

Of all the amazing things that have happened in the past, the initial achievement of penicillin (and in its wake, other antibiotics) changed the world. It has allowed us to liveEdit through infections that used to kill us. It has allowed children to reliably make it through childhood without ruined eardrums and saved them from death via strep throat or  tetanus. 

This brings me to murkier waters of chemical relief.

I have ADHD and anxiety. Which came first? No idea, they’ve just always been there; feeding off each other and feeding off me. Impulsive choices led to guilt and fear, which led to the frantic and overwhelming need to feel better, which led to impulsive choices which led to… and so on. 

Over decades of hasty impulse-driven choices, over-corrections and desperate attempts to be better I’ve gotten to a place where I can manage my symptoms. However, I cannot manage them alone. I’m constantly in preventive measures mode. I surround myself with people who are a good role models, I am mindful and intentional, and I look to know myself so I can be the best version of myself.

I am, admittedly, easily and often overwhelmed. It is not uncommon for me to become so caught up in my chaotic anxiety-provoking life that I cannot pull myself out of the moment, and that can lead to regrettable choices. Yoga and meditation are great but sometimes I need drugs. No I’m not talking about pot (even the legal stuff) but Adderall and Ativan can be lifesavers.  

No matter how amazing these drugs have been for me, I still sometimes feel ashamed of my need for them. My logical side knows that they are a necessary component to living my best life but occasionally a mean little inner voice tells me I shouldn’t need them. 

That voice is a liar. 

And so. I strive to take only what I need, and give more than I take.  I’ve learned to take help how I find it. There IS enough help to go around and it’s our to responsibility to use what help we are given with eyes open and a willingness to give back. Most importantly, hindsight is a gift to be taken. Every experience has a lesson.  

My most recent lesson? Mindfulness and medication are a path to peace. It might be a long road, but I’m still going to take it. 

Kid-Can-Do Hot Wheels Garage

Ah, Summer. School is out, so of course…

“Mom, I’m booooored!”

Not to worry, friends! I’m going to try out lots of kid-can-do projects (with things you can find around the house) and post my #pinwins at least once a week. 

For our first summer kid-can-do: My son’s little friend is coming for a play date and he’s a big hot wheels fan. We decided to figure out a way to make easy hot wheel garage with stuff we have around the house!

We always have lots of cardboard boxes tape and cans of food. The only tricky part on this one was cutting the center parts… Otherwise this is a fantastic boy project! 

You need: A cardboard base, some canned food (we used larger on the bottom for a sturdy base, smaller on top for stability) and a long cardboard “ramp”. We also used tape and scissors. 

I placed the large flat cardboard piece as the base. (Next time I think I’ll add a few lines of hot glue underneath so that it doesn’t move so much.)

I cut 3 sides of a square into the middle of each box that makes up the second and third levels. Cut an opening for the ramp…

LT built it up, taped the long ramp on and vroomvroom, he was off!

I highly recommend taking off the labels for a more authentic look but be sure to write with in the can on the bottom in sharpie. 

My favorite part? This project kept my ADHD kid busy for an hour in the late afternoon, which is the worst time of day at our house. Between everyone’s meds wearing off and the pre-dinner hangrys it can be a bad scene. This one saved the day!

If you have any cool kid-can-do projects please share!

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Your Kid Is a Punk


So is mine. 

I saw a mom today at drop off. I’ve seen this mom and her girls every day for months. I don’t know her, but she’s always there to see her girls off with hugs and something nice to say. Today she said goodbye to the oldest girl, who whipped around and whined, “Why are you so mean?”

The mother looked heartbroken. And exasperated. And a little ticked off. 

Oh how I felt every one of her feelings with her. 

How am I being mean?”She quietly asked the daughter who replied; “I don’t knooooow.” Mom hugged her girl again and said, “We’ll talk about it later. I love you.

I was so moved by this mother’s moment with her daughter. She handled the situation so well (although it looks like she had some practice). When that mother walked by me as I waited at the gate with my my youngest I stopped her.

I said: I see you every morning being an awesome mom to your girls. You are really good at this.  

I don’t know if I should have said anything; it might’ve come off as weird. But I know that if I hadn’t said anything I would’ve regretted it. She smiled and thanked me and went on her way. 

Our kids don’t know that every day, when we say goodbye to them, we’re  letting a little piece of our heart go with them. We let them go out in the world and we can’t help them, guide them, or be right there to make their life easier. We do this because we want them to be independent and mature adults someday… but it’s still hard for us every day. I hope that that mom knows that she’s doing great job, and that she knows that we see her. 


Yoga Bracelets & Healing Stones 

As a mom with two kids with ADHD/ADD, and with ADHD myself, it’s important that I model mindfulness and intentional actions. As I began to become more comfortable with my mala bracelet and its usefulness for centering at yoga and meditation, I felt like I had to share this nifty discovery!

At just this time a good friend of mine was going through a mystery eye deterioration; this is on top of her constant issues from recovering from West Nile Virus. She is an extremely mindful person and we’d discussed meditation a few times.

 While in Sedona I developed an interest in crystal meanings and uses. Two stones stuck in my mind; agate & amethyst. These stones had long been held as healing stones with a special focus on eye & immune health. Lightbulb!

This website was tremendously helpful in when I began to choose stones that would most beneficial  to friends…

I had great luck at Michaels and a couple of lucky finds at Joann’s but finding true stone beads was tricky. Be sure to check for key words like semi-precious, stone or natural. Know a few stones before you go, that way you won’t feel totally overwhelmed. 

Items I used:

* Clear Stretch Magic . 5 mm elastic

*18 or 27 stone beads with one contrasting-texture stone. 

String your beads, making sure your contrasting stone is in the center. This will allow you to know when you’ve reached the end of your round. Finish your bracelet with a double surgeons knot, for strength. 

A vid on how I use my bracelet:

Sit comfortably with a folded towel under your hip bones to help keep your spine straight. Close your eyes. Take time to follow a few slow, deep breaths. Center yourself and focus on your calm intentions. 

Personally, I silently chant a mantra like the Jesus Meditation or just use OM on the exhale. Your choice, of course. 

Hold your beads in your right hand, using your middle and index fingers. Starting at your contrasting bead, use your thumb to touch your bead on your inhale and pulling it toward you on your exhale. Do this until you come to your special contrasting bead. You can end your meditation here or continue in the reverse direction (not passing over your special bead) and begin again.

So, what stones would you use? Why? I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Namaste – Missy

Mala bracelets, the Jesus Mantra & Om

I’m a big fan of yoga and meditation, as you may know, and I’m always on the lookout for ideas to promote mindfulness. My oldest son, the College Kid, took a Yoga Comprehension class last year and had a million questions about yoga for me. 

It was then I realized… I don’t know nothin’ ’bout yoga.

Okay, in fairness to me, I know a little about a lot of different kinds of yoga. I’ve tried several different disciplines; Hatha, Vinyasa and Bikram, but have no specific preference. I feel totally comfortable using individual aspects of different customs in my own personal practice of yoga, but I wanted to attempt to be as eclectically knowledgeable  my son expected me to be. 

With a sincere heart I started to work with CK, learning some interesting things! The best find we made was mala beads. 

“…Mala are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity. This sādhanā (practice) is known in Sanskrit as japa. Malas are typically made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads. In Tibetan Buddhism, malas of 108 beadsare used.” (from Wikipedia).

I’m not Tibetan, but I know a beneficial existential support when I see one! My first attempt at mala turned out well, but at 108 beads just too long. Not only from a length standpoint (they twisted halfway to my elbow when I tried to get them out of the way) but also from a mantra standpoint. I began by using the Jesus Mantra:

Lord Jesus Christ, son of God (on the inhale)

Have mercy on me a sinner (on the exhale)

My intentions were good but my ADHD brain just couldn’t hack it. For a more manageable size and time commitment I wanted to try a mala bracelet,also commonly called a yoga bracelet (hey alright), so I started the YouTube search. I found this vid and it helped me a lot, although I must admit not entirely my style. 

I’ve become a true “om” lover. I find  that, for me, it contributes to relaxation and centering in a pinch. 
My first bracelet was made from 11 large wooden beads; 10 smooth and 1 textured. The textured bead allows me to do multiple repetitions (like 33 of the Jesus Mantra  or just my new stand-by “om”) when I need a small, intentional break from the chaos that is my daily life. 

As I became more comfortable with my bracelet, I became intrigued by the use of specific healing stones… But that’s tomorrow’s post!