TeamIronMan or TeamCap… Are You Kidding Me?

Stark is an over-compensating genius. He’s never hidden his super abilities because he’s proud of the intelligence behind them. He comes from a long line of problem solvers and he tends towards idyllic endgame. He firmly believes he’s the smartest guy in the room and thinks he’s thought of all the angles (darn good thing) because what if no one else CAN. To be on the safe side, he surrounds himself with the best representatives of honor, justice and humility that he can find. So; He fears nothing. Do you blame him?
Rogers is the ultimate team player. Truth, justice and the American way. He knows what it’s like to be a weak body with a strong mind. He understands deprivation for the greater good. He’s experienced “lost and found” love and friendship… Repeatedly. Lost love, lost friendship. Over and over. He lost his best girl; to circumstances, to decades, to dementia. When he gets the chance to recover his friendship, on equal footing, everything changes. Do you blame him?
Forgive me if I can’t choose…


Or #TeamCap

We believe in the story… And we will be here until the very end (credits). 



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