I’m Not a Hoarder but…

I adore this saying because it reminds me I don’t need this junk, not matter what my inner, “Yeah but Pinterest” voice tells me. 

A couple months ago I got serious about ousting the tangle of detritus from my home;


So, yes most of my house is clean and de-cluttered. However, all that riff raff had to go somewhere… And I present to you my side of the bedroom. 

Yeah. That’s not even taking into account the piles of schoolwork to be sorted and half-finished Pinterest projects on the craft table,in the kitchen and the dining room table. Or the family “office”

No. More. 

I’ve got a big birthday coming up (40) and a big party to go with it! I want to my 40s off right. So I’m taking this challenge;


Even with a little wiggle room for those days that just don’t have the time to get to the chaotic mess, I’ll still make it before my big party. Off to start Day 1!

Do you have any decluttering ideas or great pins for me? Please, feel free to leave a comment!


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