You need #stikbot in your life! MMM #review

How can you not LOVE this little cutie?!

I’d never heard of them, but the box caught my eye.  Boom! Vision Therapy jackpot! My Little Tyke loves YT Kids and anything iPhone app related. This looked like it would cater to both fascinations and satisfy our daily Vision Therapy requirement!

It was so simple to set up. I’d downloaded the free app the night before to (play) practice and by the time we got home from school I was ready! LT had those guys sticking to everything, including each other. He mastered the tripod set-up with ease, even while patching, and was patient while I set up the DIY green screen I rigged up. He was crazy about the sounds effects and voice recorder; his fondest wish is to make an animation long enough to sync up with the intro to “Animals” by Maroon 5. Good thing we’ve got a few days off coming up!

I thought this would also be a “win” from the ADHD point of view. I’d hoped that the constant “next  focus” of moving of the toys, working the shutter and and adding effects would be enough to keep him on task. He did well, but by the time school lets out he’s not exactly in the mindframe for a tutorial.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow where we can dig into making even more videos!

Poor Harry

Do you love #stikbot? Post your vids to my Twitter, I’d love to see them!


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