3 Essential Habits for ADHD Moms

1. Be mindful that we all operate at different speeds: Have patience with others. They may not always make connections in the same way or as quickly you may. Don’t jump to conclusions or expect others to just ‘get’ what you’re saying. ADHD moms are on a wavelength all our own…

One thing that I’ve learned to remember is this: When someone is hearing something for the first time, they need time to process the information. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been mulling the subject in your mind for a week and feel that you need an answer right now. Slow down. Be deliberately still. Effective communication allows for all parties to contemplate the subject in their own time. 

2. Notice yourself: Part of being a mom is giving selflessly to others. We spend each day anticipating, preparing for, and meeting the needs of our children and others we care for. That can be a good thing, even a blessed thing, if done sensibly. However, it can be an enormous challenge for an ADHD mom to do all of the daily tasks that need to be done because focus, time and energy can get away from us! 
Take the time anyway, you’re too important to allow yourself to run down.   I’m not suggesting that a mom deserves to be totally selfish  but I’m absolutely saying a mom has the right to mindfulness.   
3. Learn the difference between relaxation and distraction: True relaxation allows your mind to shut off for a rejuvenating amount of time. Distraction is simply an enjoyable activity. They both have a place, but moms need to be aware of the importance of true relaxation. 

If you’re wondering if your enjoyable activity is a distraction or relaxation, pay close attention to how you feel when you’re  done. Are you ready to tackle problems… Or wish you could sack out? If it’s the latter perhaps it is time to try a new technique.

I make it a point to prioritize light yoga and massage each day. I LOVE this tennis ball massage from @yogatuneup. Jill is just too fun!

I also practice meditation. Meditation is excellent way to efficiently relax. I hear you groaning and I know why. “Who has time to sit cross-legged, whilst monks chant “OOOOOOMMM”?! We do! 

It used to make me crazy when someone would say, “Take a deep breath”… Come to find out there’s no better advice to be had. Try this app (I adore it). calm.com

It has meditations with nature sounds… Some as shortas just two minutes. Anybody can do anything for two minutes. 

I know that there are many more important habits we can cultivate… As a mom what do you find essential? Please, comment!


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