I’m Going To Trim My Own Bangs! #fail


I’ve had long, straight blonde hair for quite some time. I was bored with it, and I’ve been thinking fringe-y sides would be so awesome. Then I thought, hey, I’ve read this awesome article and pinnned a hundred pins about this….

I can do it myself.

That’s where I went wrong.

ADHD strikes again; impulsive and easily excited + scissors = disaster waiting to happen every time.

I thought, “Okay , I’ll go to the Kool Kuts down the street. Those kid hairdressers are used to cleaning up the mess of ding-a-lings that take scissors to their hair.” I called ahead to get LT’s usual lady but  when I got to the Kool Kuts it was ridiculously packed. Friday just before lunch is a horrible time to go to a kid haircut place… Especially for a grown woman. So I told P to cancel me and take care of the kids.

I took a chance and drove over to the fancy salon place down the street, I was informed they were closed for remodeling. UGH.

There was no other choice than to try the little haircut in the strip mall across from the fancy salon. I came in like a lunatic and the hairdresser, looking only slightly terrified, assured me she’d fit me in… In 40 minutes. UGH.

So I offered to get lunch for MrDad (who was working from home). Would you believe he picked a busy restaurant at noon?! And of course I saw the mom that always looks perfect and has it all together and has a really cool job. UGH.

I made it back to Marios Hair Co. just in the nick of time and quickly blurted, with great shame, my absolute love of DIY beauty and my utter loathing of what I had done to my hair.

Dear Shana; she didn’t even flinch at the in enormous chunk I’d cut off. In fact,she told me in soothing tones that she loved fixing do it yourself, because she used to be a DIY too! Her hair was fabulous, she was fabulous SO I was feeling very confident that I’d serendipitously wandered it the perfect spot! In an anxiety-relievingly short amount of time, Shana had blended my hair into a beautiful hairstyle that was far prettier than I’d imaged a fringe-y layered cut could look on me!

LT didn’t even notice at pickup. He didn’t truly believe me until I showed him the (horrifying to me, hysterical to him) video I took of the debacle. He laughed for several minutes and was then quiet…

LT: “Mom, you need to stop looking at Pinterest. You know that, right?”

Dang. I failed so hard my kid is planning a Pintervention… But I’ll never stop!

huge thanks to Shana  for turning my #fail into a beauty win! Visit Shana @ Mario’s Hair Co. (623) 566-5333


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