Lock Laces are AWESOME – MMM Review

These have SAVED our mornings!

My Little Tyke has always loathed putting on his shoes. He has trashed dozens of pairs of Velcro shoes because he pulls them SO tight. We were literally buying a pair of shoes a month because of it! Even when the shoes were passable, I dreaded leaving the house b/c a shoe-induced screaming-and-tears tantrum was a probability.
Last summer we found sandals with this kind of bungee cord and clamp setup and they were a day-saver! But of course they wore out and we just could not find another pair.

He cried. I cried. It was ugly.

I tried different kid of laces (the curly ones, flat elastic, lace keepers, etc.) We continued to practice shoe tying, and MrDad actually helped him somewhat master the skill but the combination of tricky fine-motor  skills and easy frustration makes it a hassle and distraction at school. 

Then someone recommended Hickies. They were a little more than I wanted to spend, but then the LOCK LACES popped up in Amazon’s “recommended for you”. They looked exactly like the sandals laces and they come in tons of colors, most importantly red. SOLD.

I could not wait to get them and when we did we were not disappointed! LOCK LACES sent a nifty how-to video via email after we ordered so they were super easy to put into some lace-able shoes we had. 

The next morning was a dream come true. Little Tyke loved the color, how tight he could pull them and that they clamped easily. That morning was one of the best school-day mornings we have ever had.

These are shoes are less than a month old (which isn’t uncommon for LT) but this is the third pair of shoes we used our original pair of Lock Laces on!

Brand new pair of shoes and brand new Lock Laces… Because I will not be without them. (LT loves red with every fiber of his being, so we just keep buying the same pair.)

I recommend these to everyone and our house will never be without a pair (or two or six). THANK YOU LOCK LACES 🙂

I was in no way compensated to post this review; I just absolutely believe these laces are a God send for LT’s shoe-sensory issues. 

But hey, @LOCKLACES, if you want to hook LT up, he’d be as gleeful as this guy


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