I’m Not a Hoarder but…

I adore this saying because it reminds me I don’t need this junk, not matter what my inner, “Yeah but Pinterest” voice tells me. 

A couple months ago I got serious about ousting the tangle of detritus from my home;


So, yes most of my house is clean and de-cluttered. However, all that riff raff had to go somewhere… And I present to you my side of the bedroom. 

Yeah. That’s not even taking into account the piles of schoolwork to be sorted and half-finished Pinterest projects on the craft table,in the kitchen and the dining room table. Or the family “office”

No. More. 

I’ve got a big birthday coming up (40) and a big party to go with it! I want to my 40s off right. So I’m taking this challenge;


Even with a little wiggle room for those days that just don’t have the time to get to the chaotic mess, I’ll still make it before my big party. Off to start Day 1!

Do you have any decluttering ideas or great pins for me? Please, feel free to leave a comment!


TeamIronMan or TeamCap… Are You Kidding Me?

Stark is an over-compensating genius. He’s never hidden his super abilities because he’s proud of the intelligence behind them. He comes from a long line of problem solvers and he tends towards idyllic endgame. He firmly believes he’s the smartest guy in the room and thinks he’s thought of all the angles (darn good thing) because what if no one else CAN. To be on the safe side, he surrounds himself with the best representatives of honor, justice and humility that he can find. So; He fears nothing. Do you blame him?
Rogers is the ultimate team player. Truth, justice and the American way. He knows what it’s like to be a weak body with a strong mind. He understands deprivation for the greater good. He’s experienced “lost and found” love and friendship… Repeatedly. Lost love, lost friendship. Over and over. He lost his best girl; to circumstances, to decades, to dementia. When he gets the chance to recover his friendship, on equal footing, everything changes. Do you blame him?
Forgive me if I can’t choose…


Or #TeamCap

We believe in the story… And we will be here until the very end (credits). 


5 Mom Hacks that actually make life easier!

I really do these. I think I even made a couple up. Although, I’m not sure I’ve had an original thought since I discovered Pinterest…

Mom Hack #1

You need: A small bath towel, a hand towel and a towel rack/ring. 

Mom Hack #2

You need: Fleece (or any washable) blanket and a pillowcase. 

Mom Hack #3

You need: A pool noodle, coat hanger and a knife (a plastic one works great).

Mom Hack #4

You need: A closet with a metal frame, magnetic hooks. 

Mom Hack #5

I’m sure you have everything that you need for this one!

Do you have any tried -and-true hacks that you’d like to share? Please, share in the comments!

You need #stikbot in your life! MMM #review

How can you not LOVE this little cutie?!

I’d never heard of them, but the box caught my eye.  Boom! Vision Therapy jackpot! My Little Tyke loves YT Kids and anything iPhone app related. This looked like it would cater to both fascinations and satisfy our daily Vision Therapy requirement!

It was so simple to set up. I’d downloaded the free app the night before to (play) practice and by the time we got home from school I was ready! LT had those guys sticking to everything, including each other. He mastered the tripod set-up with ease, even while patching, and was patient while I set up the DIY green screen I rigged up. He was crazy about the sounds effects and voice recorder; his fondest wish is to make an animation long enough to sync up with the intro to “Animals” by Maroon 5. Good thing we’ve got a few days off coming up!

I thought this would also be a “win” from the ADHD point of view. I’d hoped that the constant “next  focus” of moving of the toys, working the shutter and and adding effects would be enough to keep him on task. He did well, but by the time school lets out he’s not exactly in the mindframe for a tutorial.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow where we can dig into making even more videos!

Poor Harry

Do you love #stikbot? Post your vids to my Twitter, I’d love to see them!

3 Essential Habits for ADHD Moms

1. Be mindful that we all operate at different speeds: Have patience with others. They may not always make connections in the same way or as quickly you may. Don’t jump to conclusions or expect others to just ‘get’ what you’re saying. ADHD moms are on a wavelength all our own…

One thing that I’ve learned to remember is this: When someone is hearing something for the first time, they need time to process the information. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been mulling the subject in your mind for a week and feel that you need an answer right now. Slow down. Be deliberately still. Effective communication allows for all parties to contemplate the subject in their own time. 

2. Notice yourself: Part of being a mom is giving selflessly to others. We spend each day anticipating, preparing for, and meeting the needs of our children and others we care for. That can be a good thing, even a blessed thing, if done sensibly. However, it can be an enormous challenge for an ADHD mom to do all of the daily tasks that need to be done because focus, time and energy can get away from us! 
Take the time anyway, you’re too important to allow yourself to run down.   I’m not suggesting that a mom deserves to be totally selfish  but I’m absolutely saying a mom has the right to mindfulness.   
3. Learn the difference between relaxation and distraction: True relaxation allows your mind to shut off for a rejuvenating amount of time. Distraction is simply an enjoyable activity. They both have a place, but moms need to be aware of the importance of true relaxation. 

If you’re wondering if your enjoyable activity is a distraction or relaxation, pay close attention to how you feel when you’re  done. Are you ready to tackle problems… Or wish you could sack out? If it’s the latter perhaps it is time to try a new technique.

I make it a point to prioritize light yoga and massage each day. I LOVE this tennis ball massage from @yogatuneup. Jill is just too fun!

I also practice meditation. Meditation is excellent way to efficiently relax. I hear you groaning and I know why. “Who has time to sit cross-legged, whilst monks chant “OOOOOOMMM”?! We do! 

It used to make me crazy when someone would say, “Take a deep breath”… Come to find out there’s no better advice to be had. Try this app (I adore it). calm.com

It has meditations with nature sounds… Some as shortas just two minutes. Anybody can do anything for two minutes. 

I know that there are many more important habits we can cultivate… As a mom what do you find essential? Please, comment!

I’m Going To Trim My Own Bangs! #fail


I’ve had long, straight blonde hair for quite some time. I was bored with it, and I’ve been thinking fringe-y sides would be so awesome. Then I thought, hey, I’ve read this awesome article and pinnned a hundred pins about this….

I can do it myself.

That’s where I went wrong.

ADHD strikes again; impulsive and easily excited + scissors = disaster waiting to happen every time.

I thought, “Okay , I’ll go to the Kool Kuts down the street. Those kid hairdressers are used to cleaning up the mess of ding-a-lings that take scissors to their hair.” I called ahead to get LT’s usual lady but  when I got to the Kool Kuts it was ridiculously packed. Friday just before lunch is a horrible time to go to a kid haircut place… Especially for a grown woman. So I told P to cancel me and take care of the kids.

I took a chance and drove over to the fancy salon place down the street, I was informed they were closed for remodeling. UGH.

There was no other choice than to try the little haircut in the strip mall across from the fancy salon. I came in like a lunatic and the hairdresser, looking only slightly terrified, assured me she’d fit me in… In 40 minutes. UGH.

So I offered to get lunch for MrDad (who was working from home). Would you believe he picked a busy restaurant at noon?! And of course I saw the mom that always looks perfect and has it all together and has a really cool job. UGH.

I made it back to Marios Hair Co. just in the nick of time and quickly blurted, with great shame, my absolute love of DIY beauty and my utter loathing of what I had done to my hair.

Dear Shana; she didn’t even flinch at the in enormous chunk I’d cut off. In fact,she told me in soothing tones that she loved fixing do it yourself, because she used to be a DIY too! Her hair was fabulous, she was fabulous SO I was feeling very confident that I’d serendipitously wandered it the perfect spot! In an anxiety-relievingly short amount of time, Shana had blended my hair into a beautiful hairstyle that was far prettier than I’d imaged a fringe-y layered cut could look on me!

LT didn’t even notice at pickup. He didn’t truly believe me until I showed him the (horrifying to me, hysterical to him) video I took of the debacle. He laughed for several minutes and was then quiet…

LT: “Mom, you need to stop looking at Pinterest. You know that, right?”

Dang. I failed so hard my kid is planning a Pintervention… But I’ll never stop!

huge thanks to Shana  for turning my #fail into a beauty win! Visit Shana @ Mario’s Hair Co. (623) 566-5333

How to get E-gift certificates from Coinstar

A few weeks ago at Easter the E.B. ran out of candy for the eggs. Oops. We decided to raid the change jar and I was actually surprised at how much change we have. The children were very very happy with their surprise coin eggs and I got a surprise idea.

While waiting in line at customer service at Walmart one day I noticed on the Coinstar screen that you could get e-certificates for places like Starbucks, Toys “R” Us and even Amazon! The best part? No fee!  So instead of paying the standard 10% of each dollar to coin star for sorting your money (no way)  you get all of your change applied towards an e- certificate to a place you already use! This was my chance to give it a shot.


Monday morning, I grabbed our big mason jar of change, and headed out to my local Walmart. I was disappointed that they did not have the e-certificates available at their Coinstar but that’s fine… They’re everywhere, right? So I tried two more places and still no luck. I was pretty frustrated and also afraid I missed the promotion.

I decided to call the grocery store by my house and asked the manager. The manager was kind enough to go over to the coin star machine and check it for me. It was available, so I grabbed the mason jar again and headed out.

When I got to the Coinstar this was the screen that I saw. There were a lot more choices on my screen that day and I wish I had gotten as picture of that screen.  Apparently, each Coinstar location has its own list of available the certificates which is subject to change.


There is a five dollar minimum, but I knew  I would have no problem reaching that amount. In fact, I was trying to reach $49 so that I could get free shipping on the big Amazon order I was itching to make (I don’t have Amazon prime, I know I know I really need it).

After touching the start button it asked me if I wanted cash with a 10% fee, or an e-certificate. I looked through the e-certificates available and chose Amazon. Then I simply emptied my change  into the counter and waited for the machine to count it. When I was done it printed this  e-certificate .


Pretty easy, huh? I was excited. I raced home to get on my Amazon account to make my order. It was a little tricky finding all of the things that I wanted within the “free shipping on orders over $49” purchase shipping deal. I finally did and was ready to check out, but ran into another problem.

On the payment option page, I put in my code from Coinstar under gift cards and promotional codes. I had no problem there; the code applied immediately. It would not, however, allow me to continue to the end. I was hesitant to put in a credit card (because I wanted to do a post on using these e-certificates for kids that don’t have credit cards on their account). However it would not let  me complete the purchase without it. I emailed customer service but they said a credit card is necessary, and gave me a list of reasons why it’s totally safe. Which I’m sure that it is; Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world, but for my purposes it was a bit of a snafu. After I entered my credit card I was able to finish my transaction with a few pennies left on my account as an account credit.

My fun purchases arrived in a few days and other than the credit card issue, I was fully satisfied with my first Coinstar e-certificate. I’m going to try an iTunes certificate next, so check back soon!


Olaplex – #mmmreview

 Hi! This is a simple review for Olaplex, the hair stuff that everyone from here to the UK is talking about! I am very cheap (as you may know) BUT I decided to try this because everyone is raving. I got it from Amazon for $23 (direct link below).


It wasn’t easy to wait for my miracle product, but the two days passed… And I got this teensy little bottle of potential. I have a lot of super fine hair so I was nervous that it wouldn’t be enough (Spoiler alert: It was). 

From the Amazon site:


The No.3 Bond Perfector is designed for at-home use. It is best to apply to clean, towel-dried hair. If build-up is present such as oils or silicones, shampoo and towel dry before application for best results. This is NOT a conditioning treatment OR a leave-in treatment. It is meant to be shampooed out of the hair. No.3 must process a minimum of 10 minutes. If hair is compromised, 20+ mins is recommended. Once a week is suggested for healthy hair


  • Step 3 of the Olaplex Professional System, for once-a-week, at home applications to eliminate breakage from chemical services
  • Apply a generous amount from roots to ends on towel-dried hair. Use once a week between chemical services to strengthen hair. Comb through once. Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or more
  • Rinse from hair. Shampoo and condition

This is my hair pre-treatment. 

This is how I applied it (per ‘Features‘ above). 

My method:

*I separated the top two parts of my hair with clips then I saturated the back mid-to-length with the treatment 
*Next, I did the front portions of my hair all the way to the roots;especially the crown, where I have a lot of breakage. *Last I made sure to get the pieces that frame my face and the very ends & then covered it with a target bag. (MMM note: a shower cap IS better!)
I left it on for about 5 Adele songs & cleaned my bathroom. 
So… Not too bad, for a $12 at home treatment & 25 minutes of my morning. All jokes aside, my hair feels lighter and better especially at the crown which is usually a crispy mess, TBH. Is it better than the ION from Sally Beauty? Yes. But is it worth the $$? I’m going to have to say YES. I’d especially recommend this for anyone that has long hair, processed hair or excessively heat-styled hair. 
The second half of the bottle will be used by my daughter, who has very thick shoulder-length hair. I plan on posting her photos & result in the comments after I can get Sassy to do the treatment 😉
I’ve already ordered a second bottle to use to prepare for my twice yearly cut (gulp) which I know I need, but dread like like mad. I’ll post those pics in the comments also. 
I’ve always got my eye out for a good hair repair treatment, so please leave your recommendations in the comments!
Disclaimer: I haven’t been paid to endorse Olaplex (or any product ever)& all I know about hair is what I’ve learned about my own & my sassy daughter’s through trial/error… Treat at your own risk 🙂

Lock Laces are AWESOME – MMM Review

These have SAVED our mornings!

My Little Tyke has always loathed putting on his shoes. He has trashed dozens of pairs of Velcro shoes because he pulls them SO tight. We were literally buying a pair of shoes a month because of it! Even when the shoes were passable, I dreaded leaving the house b/c a shoe-induced screaming-and-tears tantrum was a probability.
Last summer we found sandals with this kind of bungee cord and clamp setup and they were a day-saver! But of course they wore out and we just could not find another pair.

He cried. I cried. It was ugly.

I tried different kid of laces (the curly ones, flat elastic, lace keepers, etc.) We continued to practice shoe tying, and MrDad actually helped him somewhat master the skill but the combination of tricky fine-motor  skills and easy frustration makes it a hassle and distraction at school. 

Then someone recommended Hickies. They were a little more than I wanted to spend, but then the LOCK LACES popped up in Amazon’s “recommended for you”. They looked exactly like the sandals laces and they come in tons of colors, most importantly red. SOLD.

I could not wait to get them and when we did we were not disappointed! LOCK LACES sent a nifty how-to video via email after we ordered so they were super easy to put into some lace-able shoes we had. 

The next morning was a dream come true. Little Tyke loved the color, how tight he could pull them and that they clamped easily. That morning was one of the best school-day mornings we have ever had.

These are shoes are less than a month old (which isn’t uncommon for LT) but this is the third pair of shoes we used our original pair of Lock Laces on!

Brand new pair of shoes and brand new Lock Laces… Because I will not be without them. (LT loves red with every fiber of his being, so we just keep buying the same pair.)

I recommend these to everyone and our house will never be without a pair (or two or six). THANK YOU LOCK LACES 🙂

I was in no way compensated to post this review; I just absolutely believe these laces are a God send for LT’s shoe-sensory issues. 

But hey, @LOCKLACES, if you want to hook LT up, he’d be as gleeful as this guy