Flip-Flop Foot Detox – #pinwin

Take it from me, you can count on two things happening in AZ around mid-March; 1.) you turn your car’s AC up to MAX and leave it there til October and 2.) you get your flips on!

Oh yeah, they’re cute

Honestly, what’s not to love about flip-flops? You can easily afford to have a pair that matches every outfit, they are fast to put on when running late for the kiss-and-drop and you never, ever, ever have to worry about ruining them because you can get them for $7 at JCP anytime!

There is this, though 

I just about lived I flip flops until I started running and developed arch pain (planter fasciitis). I started looking into shoes and how to pamper and sustain good feet.  I learned to wear compression socks while running, never wear the same shoes 2 days in a row, oh and BTW, flips are terrible for you. Thanks a lot, Today… 

Never fear my flip-loving friends, I’m here to help! This very simple foot mask has helped me tremendously…
* 3 tablespoons Indian Healing Clay (aka  bentonite clay)
*3 tablespoons purified water (especially important if you have very hard water like we do in AZ)
Slather the mix onto to bottoms of feet and ankles. Put plastic veggie bags over your feet and wrap with bandages to create warmth. Wait about half-hour & scrub off. 
Don’t forget: Drink lots of water whenever detoxing and use a very rich cream after your rinse and dry your feet. I like Eucerin Smoothing Repair because it is thick and really seals in the moisture of the lotion. 

May your pedi be pretty all Spring and Summer long!


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