DIY Cellulite Wrap – #fail

It all started so beautifully…

I truly adore Pinterest. I’m the chick who always had a handmade French memo board overflowing with pages torn from a myriad of magazines and a “Projects” flash drive (or two). 

I love nothing more than to sit down after a long day of mommy-ing in my big comfy chair with an ultra light beer, and pin-pin-pin. Kids, Humor, Beauty, Geek, Crochet, Self-help. I’m all over the place… I love to pin! My problem? I never do the things
No more!
From now on I’m going to post a Pinterest win or #LFMF once a week. I hope there will be more wins than fail but with my track record don’t count on it!

DIY body wrap using coffee
I really like They have so many great DIY’s on Pinterest. You should check them out!
Ingrediants: *2 Tbsp. of coconut oil *1 Tbsp. of epsom salt *1 Tbsp. of ground coffee *2 Tsp of Cinnamon powder. Mix the ingredients well. It smells divine, sweet and spicy!
Next: After dry brushing my skin, I applied the mixture to my legs and massaged it into my skin in circular motions for several minutes. 

Here comes the tricky part: “Wrap your belly using a saran wrap.” Sounds easy, but its SO NOT. First of all, the mixture was a crumbly mess and got all over the floor. Oh, the plastic wrap would not stick. Then, it kept rolling down. Lastly, this plastic wrap can now never be used by anyone else… draw your own conclusions, ladies.
I did not plan ahead here: “If required cover yourself with the warm blanket or hot towel over the wrap for 30 – 60mins. Doing this can effect a lot for your treatment.” I’ve also heard of using ace bandages to wrap your legs and I wish I’d had them, but I didn’t. So I used an old pair of too-tight capri work-out pants. 
Ugh: I thought that I’d clean the bathroom and get some other chores done to geneate some heat and aid the treatment. Yeah… no. I took three hobbling steps and the plastic wrap gave up the fight and rolled down to my knees. I yanked up the wrap, conceded defeat and sat on the side of the tub. It was not entirely unpleasant; I had a fully charged phone. I pinned some stuff.
FINALLY: “After 30mins, remove the wrap, rinse off the scrub with warm water and apply lotion.” Let me tell you pulling off those manky old pants amidst a spray of coffee grounds and cinnamon and ripping off the crinkled, itchy was one of the best feelings ever. Like, for REAL. I was so glad to rinse the mess off and took some time to smooth it all over my legs from ankles up. My skin was crazy smooth and smelled rather nice too. I put on my smoothing cream (Eucerin Smooth & Repair – next #mmmreview!) and got all excited for the big reveal…
(No pictures of my grody legs… you’re welcome.)
Nothing. No change. I’m going to have to take the blame for this fail. Live & #LFMF, friends.
Talk to you soon!


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