40 Days of Kindness

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Our family is a part of the UMC and while we don’t ‘give up’ anything we do embrace Lent as a time to focus on simple living and prayer as a way to grow closer to God. 

(This is really nifty Lent synopsis.)
A couple years ago, I got into a fascinating conversation with our Reverend about why we don’t generally choose to give up a luxury or fast daily. She suggested we intensify our concentration on God and re-focus our lives to be more in line with Jesus. She also gave me a few ideas on things that we could do as a family that would strengthen our Christian commitment

Boom! 40 Days of Kindness was created!
Each day during the Lenten season, we try to do at least one random act of kindness. Some of the things we’ve done: 
*take a prayer walk around the block and pray for our neighbors 
*send a happy email 
*pray for a different family every night
*pay a genuine compliment to a stranger 
*spend 15 minutes cleaning up a park
*bring a healthy treat for Sunday School
*tape a couple dollars to the redbox
*leave quarters in a tiny toy vending machine (this is my Little Tyke’s fave!)

Feel free to join us and share your R.A.K. ideas in the comments 🙂


Love Songs & Sweethearts

When I used to think of love songs I had flash backs to 90’s high school dances The big angsty songs by Depeche Mode, The Cure and (no kidding) Bryan Adams were our slowdance anthems.

(Insert awkward picture with big bangs, plaid clothes & tall, skinny kids)

Then, as I got older, a lot of the love songs were throwbacks to the pop-rock classics. Our wedding CD, arranged by the groom, was half old-fashioned torch songs from the 70s and half early 2000’s club music. Our wedding song was “Lady”… Our dance songs were “In da Club” & “Hey Ya”. Don’t judge… The DJ liked it so much he stole the CD & used it for the rest of the cruise!
Yet now when I hear certain songs, my precious baby angels are the only thing I think of;
“Hello” from Adele- It reminds me my first year College Kid, who doesn’t think of me much… And that’s exactly how it should be right now,
“Photograph” by Ed Sheeran evokes tender memories of my Sassy who is anguishing her way through her last few teenager years, 

(Cutest baby girl ever)

And “Flashlight” brings to mind my sweet and sensitive first-grader that struggles everyday but keeps going, and he keeps me going, even on days that just seem to have more trouble than triumph. 

So, am I alone in this? Do you think of your kids or your hubs when the emotional tunes come on the airwaves?

Why I Never Get Anything Done

My days are… Tricky

3 out 4 people in our house have ADHD and/or ADD. So, three of us are insanely cranky until the Adderall kicks in and the fourth person mostly hides. 

I try to keep things neat and clean. This would be easier if I did not have todo a daily hazmat check on my children’s rooms. 

Sassy’s room on any day that ends in Y

Shoes. They’re everywhere. They’re dirty, or old. They’re too loose; too tight or bumpy. Sometimes, even though they’re everywhere… no one can find them. 

Harry loves shoes. 


Just… Cats. 

Homework. This is my kid’s average daily homework load. He’s six. 

Common Core is a diabolical scheme to make grown-ups cry. 

I mean, yeah I don’t do this mom-gig for the glory and glamour. So, okay, I should almost surely be less needing of reassurance. BUT. Since I spend all of my time anticipating, catering to and meeting the needs of these humans that I love I’m going to need, just sometimes, a “Nice job, Mom.” And a big cup of coffee or a small glass of wine. 

I just wanted to see if it would fit. 
You know, I get it. Every mom (and dad and person) has a lot going on these days. I’m just thinking it’s time to stop asking, “What are you so busy with?” Because it’s never going to start a constructive conversation and dangit, it’ll wear a mom down. 

This shirt is from Paper Clouds. It’s an awesome organization… you should visit